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Our Journey To Creating A Million Dollar Heart-Centered Business

Pura Vida! We've recently returned from a beautiful family vacation at the Arenal Volcano! It was so amazing, and we chatted about how we feel everyone should be able to have the freedom to live in the way they want to - whether it's having a home in the tropics, skiing in the mountains, or sunbathing in the desert :-) 

Are You Asking Yourself The Right Questions?

When Ka's doing something like running one of his free webinars - or posts a YouTube video, we always love seeing so many amazingly positive comments from people who have taken information or ideas away and feel like they want to share their own personal stories or give thanks, which is so awesome, but we also very occasionally get people who simply feel the need to be nasty, and post negative comments - it's not cool for sure, but also I don't think those people realize how what they're doing isn't helpful for them either, or anyone for that matter... Especially if we follow the policy to treat others how we would want to be treated, or taking that a step further - how we treat ourselves...