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5 Health Benefits Of Coconut Water


We are so happy to be back in the tropics!
After a long flight from Europe, we finally arrived on a remote island in Thailand, where we are enjoying the warm sunshine, durian & jackfruit as well as the health benefits of coconut water once again!

We enjoyed the “cocos” every day for the last 2.5 years when we lived in Costa Rica.
Coconuts are one of the most valuable superfoods on earth and we love them so much!
Coconuts, and especially coconut water, have so many health benefits, that I don´t even know where to start!
It is available in abundance in each tropical country, has not been domesticated and “optimized” by us humans, and it is just sooo strong!

Coconuts can travel over weeks above open sea, and still have enough life force to grow into a new coconut tree on the next island.

Coconut water, especially, is just so rich, so nurturing and so valuable in regards to minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and alkalizing your system.

Coconut is known to not only aid digestion, help with diabetes (as the sugar is so low in the coconut water) and lower the blood sugar level, but it is also known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities.

When we live in the tropics, we make sure we drink several coconuts EVERY day!
We also love making some special coconut recipes, such as coconut pudding with strawberry. Yum-Yum!
Did you know that coconut water was used in the 2nd world war when blood plasma was low, as a blood substitute??
And it was used successfully!  Perhaps this is why it feels so harmonious to the body when we drink it?

That means that if you drink coconut water, you are actually giving yourself an alkalizing blood cleanse!

Another great way to get coconut water into the body, whilst at the same time providing a huge probiotic boost, is to make coconut water kefir.  Do this by taking 2 quarts/liters of coconut water and 3/4 cup water kefir grains (available online here).  Pour the coconut water into a glass jar or fermentation crock pot, stir in the kefir grains, seal the top of the container and leave at room temperature for 48 hours.  Then drain off and rinse kefir grains (these can either be used again straight away or stored in a small glass jar in the fridge for later with 1/2 cup coconut water or water with healthy sugar – coconut sugar is good for this!) and transfer finished kefir into glass jar in the fridge or into glass beer or soda “swing top” bottles, and left to ferment at room temperature for extra bubbly results.  This is an AMAZING drink for a healthy gut!

I have given you all the different health benefits of coconut water in the video, so feel free to watch, like and forward it to your friends and family.
The main thing I want to tell you is this:

You don’t have to live in Costa Rica or Thailand to get access to coconut water!
There are quite a number of brands that offer tetra packed coconut water, or water in bottles.

-In Germany there is the DM-market that sells coconut water.
-In health food stores around the western world is also a good place to look
-Check out Asian food shops or markets, they also sometimes sell young green coconuts or coconut water! 

It is mostly pasteurized, so it is not as good as right from the tree, but it is still sooo much better than any soft drink you can buy!!
Anyway, here is the video for you – this was actually recorded in France a few days before we left for our tropical Asian paradise-winter.

Please watch this video, to learn about all the health benefits of coconut water, and also for some inspiration to be more healthy.

In order to get more healthy recipe ideas and lots of ideas on what you can do with coconut water and meat, make sure to download our e-book called “The 70 Best Raw Food Recipe Ideas Of The Rawfoodfamily”
Just visit us here 

Please be so kind and leave us some more resources in the comment box below, on WHERE and HOW you can buy coconut water in your country.  Others will appreciate your comments and help so that they will be able to buy coconut water too and get all the health benefits from this amazing drink!
Lots of love and support!
By Ka Sundance



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  1. Is coconut water the same as coconut milk? Not the type you get in the can, obviously, but what comes out of a regular coconut? Or does coconut water only come out of young coconuts? Thanks for the clarification!

  2. I drink about 3 liters of UFC a week. It took a little getting used too after the Vita but now i love it. I get restless leg at night and i read that i need Potassium. This does the trick as i don’t like eating too many bananas.

  3. Ka, what is the growing season like in Costa Rica? Do you always have access to bananas and coconuts? I am curious because I live in Minnesota and our growing season is so short. I am a gardener and thought that maybe I could have access to local greens by growing sprouts in my home? What are your thoughts on wheat grass bean sprouts?

  4. hi Ka….you forget Nr. 6 Cokonut has 21000 bovis Einheiten!!!! thats amazing high! its higher then healing water…or the signe ankh…you can google……

  5. I live in Ontario, Canada, and our big box store Costco sells coconut water tetrapacks. They aren’t even pasteurized, ingredients are “young coconut water”.
    Also the supermarket Farm Boy sells young coconuts in Ontario. Thank you for the video!

      • Hi Ka…I visited your link and have sent links to other youtube videos on the benefits of coconut water…primarily facebook. I am possibly interested in the business end of this, and want to know more. Please send info to ALSO: I was wondering if these young coconuts can be made into milk, as I found on other youtube videos…I am loving my coconut water, and coconut milk…it is awesome, and I am losing weight…my asthma has improved and I have more energy. Only a week into it !!! AMAZING FOOD !

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Come and join the tribe of 50.000 people who are free & alive. Get free weekly tips to start your journey!