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5 Reasons Why You Should Drink Warm Water With Lemon


There are some amazing benefits of drinking warm water with lemon :-)

Lemons have several health benefits. They are rich in nutrients and low in calories and have strong antiviral and anti bacterial properties. They contain Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium , Iron and fiber.  They are a low-sugar fruit and contain very few calories – about 29 calories per 100g – and contain no bad cholesterol or saturated fats.

Benefits of Lemon Water:

1. Drinking lemon with warm water early in the morning on an empty stomach, by squeezing the lemon juice and adding it to warm water, has many benefits and has a very positive effect on your body.  Lemon is very high in Vitamin C, it protects you from infections such as colds, coughs etc, heals collagen, is needed for a healthy spleen, and strengthens your immune system.

2.  Lemon is very good at balancing your pH levels. The processed foods most people eat lead to an unbalanced pH level – one that is far too acidic. This can  stop the body from removing toxins, it slows down your metabolism and makes it vulnerable to viruses and chronic disease. By drinking lemon water you are able to stabilize your pH levels which helps your body to naturally detoxify. Even though lemons are known to be acidic they have a very alkalizing effect on one’s body once consumed and this helps neutralise the excess acid stored in the body.

3. Lemon helps in the detoxification process by flushing out unwanted toxins from your liver which would otherwise get absorbed into the rest of your body.  Lemon juice detoxing should be done daily.

4.  Lemon is extremely good for your skin for many reasons. It’s a natural antiseptic medicine and it helps in curing several skin-related problems. It helps in beautifying your skin – by taking lemon water every day you can see your skin shine. It also completely removes wrinkles and black heads and gives you more healthy, vibrant-looking skin.

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5. Lemon is really effective for losing weight.  It does this by regulating the body’s metabolism and absorption of sugar in a way that helps you lose the extra pounds. It has a high pectin fiber content which helps to curb hunger. Warm water also helps to stimulate your gut and helps prevent digestive problems. It is the citric acid content of lemons that help in this process of maintaining a healthy digestive system by combining with other acids and enzymes in your digestive tract.

Also – I would like to include that adding organic sulfur – Methylsulphonylmethane or MSM – to lemon juice – in either cold or warm water – is also highly recommended.  Organic sulfur is a major detoxifier and also increases the hydration qualities of the water.  It is excellent for skin, nail and hair health.  It is a major anti-inflammatory and is useful for good joint health.  Start off with a teaspoon in a litre of lemon water and work up slowly to 3-4 tablespoons maximum.  Or anywhere in between.  If you take too much, you will simply get loose bowels – so just slow down!

So those are some good reasons why drinking warm water with lemon is a good idea!

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  1. I’ve been doing some research lately and it seems that it’s the citric acid in lemon juice that weakens tooth enamel temporarily. Brushing your teeth right after comsuming citric acid is brushing your enamel away, so it’s recommended that you wait at least an hour to brush.

  2. That the fasting beverage made famous by Paul Bragg … his formula was two table spoons of lemon and one of Tupelo honey in an 8oz glass of distilled water! I never got to meet him … but I get to watch you :) !

  3. Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays to you and your family ! Thank you for this vid. interesting as it confirms what I have been doing for a long time now (years in fact). May 2013 brings you joy, hapiness and that your dreams will be manifested ! Much love to you, Ka and family !

  4. Thanks for the easy tip! We just moved to Atenas & there are ripe lemons on the property. Will try it tomorrow morning!

  5. Thank you for the warm water and lemon idea. I have started drinking water and lemon instead of coffee with wonderful results. Unbelievably I have had no coffee withdrawls and it aided in getting rid of my cold. Thank you Ka for doing this video and to your wife for the idea.

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Come and join the tribe of 50.000 people who are free & alive. Get free weekly tips to start your journey!