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8 Things You NEED To Add To Your Diet To Get Healthy


While on a raw food diet there are a few things you might want to include in your diet in order to stay healthy. While some of them are quite common; one might have not thought of the others so today we share the 8 things you need to add to your diet to get healthy.

Get HealthyTo begin with, one needs to include a huge number of fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables do not mean the ones you get at the market; it means the local organic fruits and vegetables which are pesticide and insecticide free. These fruits and vegetables serve as a major part in a vegan diet and the better the quality of the product the better it is for you.

While on a raw food diet it is not always about what you include into your diet, but it also includes what you need to leave out. Red meat, coffee, alcohol, refined sugar are products you would want to stay away from.  A raw food diet is one that helps a person become healthier and avoid a number of health issues.  These products on the other hand invite problems and are best avoided.

Using brown rice to cook is a really healthy way of adapting to the raw food diet. It helps the body in a number of ways and makes you feel more healthy and energetic.

Although we believe that a raw food diet is a 100 percent vegan or vegetarian diet one can include organic eggs as a part of the diet. These eggs are organically grown and are very high in protein. They are especially designed for the raw food diet and including them is a great choice.

Goat milk is another source of protein and this milk has a number of benefits to it. It is a much better option as compared to cow’s milk. Cow’s milk needs to be avoided since it contains lactose which is not ideal for health. There are a number of people who are lactose intolerant and face issues due to lactose. Cow’s milk also has a number of bad bacteria which is not good for the body.

Get HealthyGluten based products are best avoided and these products can in no way prove to be beneficial to the body. Gluten only causes damage and avoiding it is the best option. A true raw food diet is lactose and gluten free.

One common mistakes raw food followers tend to make is drink water out of plastic bottles. This can really harm the body and even a slight warm temperature can release harmful toxins from the plastic into the water which we consume. So remember to always avoid water from plastic bottles.

Artificial sweeteners have become a popular choice amongst people today and one actually needs to see the harm these sweeteners cause. They have the ability to totally ruin the human body system and one needs to stay away from them. Soda is slow poison and they are also best avoided. It’s a great choice to include juices into your diet since they clean the system and help you feel more hungry.



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  1. I love that you walked around with your camera! Great advice, as always and will be sharing this with others. You have an amazing heart and passion for what you do and done in a very gentle spirit. It is refreshing to see! Have a great time visiting your home town.

  2. I’m shocked that so many people from my native Country of Germany would be so shocked to see someone with a camera. But I guess if you did this in Asia, they wouldn’t even give you one glance, they are much more open to this type thing. I would LOVE to be there with you guys, That looked like such a good time. Have fun,and please make more videos similar to this in style, Thanks.

  3. Dear Ka, first let me welcome you to Europe, you are now close to me (I’m from Slovenia). Hope the summer will come soon so you don’t feel too cold. I would like to ask you to research more on how to treat PCOS: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome by eating raw food or whitch natural products can help this syndrome. Thank you so much. Regards to your family. Petra

  4. What a cool bunch of people. That park area looks an amazing place to meet people and hang out watching the world go by. Thanks for the inspiration Ka. P.S. Really enjoying your business course!

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