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Benefits of Kale Juice


Benefits of kale juiceYou may never have heard about kale juice, but if you eat vegetables then you may actually have tried this plant before.

And if you know anything about me and my family, you know how passionate we are about green juice, kale juice and the wild herbs.
Greens are the cheapest and most powerful foods on earth!

In most places on earth kale can be found on supermarket shelves, at farmers markets and in many other shops.

And now, thanks to the benefits of kale juice, this phenomenon is starting to appear in more and more parts of the western world as well, as the whole world learns how useful this food can be. Here is a quick 7 reasons why you may want to drink kale juice:

1. Kale juice is very low in calories, low in fat, and high in fiber. Right off the bat, the benefits of kale juice are obvious when looking at the nutrients contained in kale juice, and how it does not contain a lot of fat or calories, perfect for people trying to lose weight.

2. Not only does it have some of the basic characteristics that make it great for health, but kale also has a very high concentration of nutrients such as iron, which is needed by the body in order to stay healthy.

3. Another great reason why you may want to drink kale juice is for its high concentration of vitamin K. This type of vitamin is crucial for bone strength and brain development, especially in younger people.

4. Kale also contains a lot of antioxidant substances which are needed to prevent cancer. Many studies have shown how useful antioxidants are in order to fight against many types of cancer.

5. By drinking kale juice you are also consuming anti-inflammatory food, because of the omega-3 contained inside of the kale leaves.

6. Kale is high in calcium.  This is a calming mineral, very good for the nervous system.  Calcium is also used to make bones, BUT not the calcium we take in in our diets – calcium that is made inside the body instead from silica, phosphorus and magnesium.  Good sources of silica are horsetail, nettle and oatstraw (make these into a tea) or cucumber skins.  Good sources of phosphorus are chia and pumpkin seeds.  Good sources of magnesium are raw chocolate (cacao) and dark, green leafy vegetables – like kale!

7. Kale is high in vitamin A, which is useful for skin health and helps prevent many skin diseases.  It also contains the antioxidants zeaxanthin and beta-carotene, important for eye health.

And if you’d like a change from juicing kale, why not try some delicious kale chips?  They are a great way to get this amazing vegetable into your body – but, being a dehydrated food, are nowhere near as full of life energy as the juice is.  But good for fun!

As you can see, kale has so many health benefits, and the best way to consume it is by juicing.   This way you can get all of the best nutrients in the most convenient, condensed way. The benefits of kale juice go on for ever, with vitamins, calcium, fiber, and so on. Why resort to pills and medications when you can drink pure natural food?



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  1. I really enjoy your videos & admire the lifestyle that you & your wife has chosen for your family. My kids are adults now but I try to send your videos involving the kids out to other people I know with kids to encourage them to be healthier. I always notice that when kids eat healthy they seem to be more calm than their counterparts who eat standard diet. Maybe you can make a video to comment on this if you think the same. Keep the videos coming. Fan for life.

  2. kale has .02 per g/100g oxal axid but in kale I think it is not worth worrying about, you can get kidney failure or kidney stone from large high amounts ie 600mg but id like to know more too otherwise…

  3. Great video, thanks. :) Maybe you could make a video, where you tell all about your raw food jurney and what have improved in this time, like a super motivational vidoe for others who want to start healthy lifestyle. :)

  4. I buy the dark leaved variety that isn’t super curly ( sometimes called Tuskian cabbage ) and isn’t as bitter. I mix 4 celery stalks one two apples 3 carrots , half a cucumber , half a lemon & a knob of ginger . makes about a litre. Hits the blood stream in 15 mins .. I’m addicted

  5. And I feel fabulous since I started juicing everyday..I also take Diatomaceous earth at night to remove heavy metals, pesticides & parasites from my body . Worth looking into !

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Come and join the tribe of 50.000 people who are free & alive. Get free weekly tips to start your journey!