3 Reasons Not To Work Hard And To Wait For Retirement

  • Nov 01, 2014
3 Reasons Not To Work Hard And To Wait For Retirement

Hi Guys, 

This is your Ka speaking and I'm coming to you 'live' from a beautiful forest in Germany. This is one of the only things aside from family that I miss while travelling in the tropics. We just arrived yesterday so you will have to forgive me if I look a little tired. I'm jet lagged for sure but I feel really energetic because of the diet I'm on now. I'm eating very little and drinking lots of juices. I just arrived here and am really, really happy that I was able to put my arms around my family!! Especially my three little kids and Katie – all of them really!! We are reunited and I'm really happy about this!!

It’s also not as hot as it is in the tropics, which is a nice change for now, at least. I wanted to talk to you today about a misconception, a lie that has been put in our heads since childhood. There are actually two lies: one is that you can’t enjoy life until you're retired and in the meantime you have to work really, really hard. Those two misconceptions have hindered us as a human tribe. The amount of joy and abundance we could experience has been stunted. I want to help you question those beliefs.

Don’t wait for retirement to enjoy your life

First with retirement – I feel we have been brought up with the notion that we can only enjoy life once we retire. Guys you have to see that the demographics are very clear. Our society in the Western world is getting older and older. We do not reproduce enough and this contract we once had between the older and younger will not work for much longer. If people tell you that your retirement fund is safe, this is a lie – this will change sooner rather than later. If you think you can wait for your retirement pension to come and provide for you till the end of your days, you are mistaken – this is gonna change. This is good news because it forces you to change something and take responsibility right now. To not rely on what the media is telling you. That is the first thing. Second you want to live your dreams, to do something that matters to you and others. If you are 65 or 70 years (they will increase the retirement age) you might not have any dreams anymore because you have been living against your dreams for an entire lifetime. Please don’t do that !!!!!

How many retired people do you know that do exciting things and live their dreams??? There are people, I know it is possible but if you look at the percentage, how many are living their dreams? It's small. Second, you might be too sick to live your dreams. You might have to care for family members who are too sick to follow your dreams. You cannot do the travel you have been waiting to do your entire life to do. Now is the time. Do not put your dreams on the back shelf and let them rot there.

From the bottom of my heart

From my heart I wish for you to just do it now. What you have to do is to take on responsibility for your life. Stop victimizing yourself; you are the creator of your life. Stop blaming the government, your parents, your job, or your inability for your situation. It’s not fair. You have been putting yourself in this situation. You are exactly where you are in order to take the next step. It’s good to know this and own this place where you are right now. As hard as this might seem, this is the first step to true change. You have to admit honestly where you are right now and take responsibility for it. That is the first step.

It’s a misconception that you have to work really hard

The second misconception is that you have to work hard your whole life. I feel that the more fun I have while working – I am working right now – the more time I use for playing and fun and wellness and doing stuff I really enjoy the more impact I have. It allows me to reach more people and make more money and feel more happiness and have more free time. This connection between working time and getting paid is a conception that can be cracked apart. You don’t have to get paid by the hour. You have to take responsibility for that – as long as you are happy with that – keep doing it. But if you do not feel like you are reaching your full potential and you aren't as happy as you could be – question that and take responsibility. From my own life and experience I would like to advise you to take three steps.

Steps to change your life

The first step is to change your situation – you have to know exactly where you are – be honest and own it. Second is you have to create a compelling vision. You need to be specific and know exactly what it is you want to create. It needs to make you excited and you can’t sleep if you think about it!!! Three is to take action and move forward. You don’t need to know the entire plan, just take this one little action step that you know you have to take.

I have been doing this through an online business helping and serving millions of people out there. It gives me maximum freedom, it gives me significance, it gives me meaning and so much joy!! It gives me financial freedom. This is an option, I don’t know if it's the right one for you but I'm sharing what worked for me guys. These three steps work for anything. I would love to see you implement them to be more abundant and happy in your life and to give back, to share and contribute in a bigger way.

This is my video. I hope I have inspired you even though I'm jet lagged. Thanks so much for watching and I will be back from beautiful Germany.

I want to say thank you guys and see you soon, this was your Ka.

Bye bye.

Stop victimizing yourself; you are the creator of your life. http://bit.ly/1SYFX1B

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