Beautiful Places To Visit In Costa Rica

  • May 18, 2016
Beautiful Places To Visit In Costa Rica

While we're currently in Germany with our 5 kids, and awaiting the arrival of our new baby daughter, the beaches of Costa Rica are never far from our mind :-) Costa Rica is a favorite destination for people of all ages and walks of life. For the most part, they come to enjoy the wonderful sunshine and the cheerful beaches that line the Caribbean coastline and since this is quite an energetic place to visit, there's plenty of nighttime entertainment for the more adventurous people too, so we wanted to share some cool hotspots for you to visit when you come :-)

A Favorite Spot for Many People Is Torteguero

Torteguero is easily comparable to the Amazon Rainforest with its opulent scenery and wildlife. One of the most fascinating plusses about Torteguero, is that visitors can see the turtles nesting on the shore at various times during the year (which is amazing by the way - kids love it!) 

The nesting season for the turtles is year round, with different intervals for different species, and many people like to plan their visit during specific times of year so they can witness these awesome events. For photos, this is a prime opportunity to get plenty of up close shots of the turtles in their own habitat, both when they're laying their eggs and when the little ones are hatching - so cute!

Another Place for Visitors to Stop at Is Arenal

For a look at a Costa Rican volcano, you'll want to stop by Arenal for an afternoon. This is an excellent spot for photographers that love to get some extraordinary pictures of the lava that comes from the volcano and since there's also a beautiful waterfall here, there are ample opportunities all round to get some really great photos.

Monteverde Beckons Vacationers with a Lot of Wonderful Things to Do

Quetzel birds (yeah weird name, right!) draw vacationers to Monteverde in a big way, particularly as this bird's domain is right in the cloud forest. As you'd expect, there are some pretty strange weather patterns in Monteverde, which can be thoroughly experienced when you take the zip-line ride through the trees! The adventurous at heart will absolutely love their experience in Monteverde.

Vacationers Will Love Puerto Viejo

In Puerto Viejo, this is the main stay in Costa Rica because vacationers have access to so many venues and places of interest. When you're in this area, there are plenty of hotels, places to eat and all kinds of entertainment everywhere you look. You'll have no problem finding a lot of things to do, and one of them is most definitely surfing (Ka Sundance AVID surfer lol). This is a favorite pastime in Puerto Viejo for the young, old and everyone in between, as people of all ages love taking advantage of the great waves and warm waters.

You Have to See Manuel Antonio When You Visit

When people want the beach, Manuel Antonio is where they head to when they're visiting Costa Rica. The sand is white and soft and when you get in the water, it's like taking a warm bath. For many people, their experience is pure heaven when they visit Manuel Antonio.

There we have it! In Costa Rica, whether you're on vacation or staying longer term, you'll feel what can only be described as a feeling of bliss with all there is to do and see while you're there - you'll never get bored :-) You'll find that your trip will be one of awe and admiration for the beauty of the scenery, the wonderful people you meet that show lovely hospitality and the stunning places there are to visit. This might be one of the best vacations you ever take - now it's up to you to take the next step and book it!

We wanted to share some cool hotspots for you to visit when you come to Costa Rica. :-) #puravida

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