How To Be Really Happy

  • Jul 07, 2016
How To Be Really Happy

Hey guys, I thought I share something with you today about a topic which is very close to my heart, and to Ka's - it's happiness. I know what it's like to want more of it in my life, and I know what it's like to feel like I could never be happier.

Everyone wants the magic answer to happiness... As you may know, Ka and I love meditation and yoga, I even do this while I'm pregnant ;-) - it's a way to connect with a part of ourselves that has the answer to our own happiness, and we truly believe that the answer can often only come from within yourself, but as we look back over our lives, we've found a very important element to being really happy is in always striving to ask ourselves better questions, better like for example, considering best-case scenarios in everything, rather than giving our attention to negative, energy-draining thoughts.

Despite what most people may say, happiness is actually just a choice - I'm serious, hear me out here... you can decide to focus your attention on feeling vitality, being grateful and looking forward to what you want to achieve and experience in life, rather than worrying about possibilities that may or may not even exist, or thinking of what other people may or may not think or believe. So this is why you should choose to be happy, every day...

I wanted to share with you some tips that Ka and I often share with our tribe.

Don’t Take Things So Personally

I know, it sounds so easy for me to say this, but it can actually be quite difficult sometimes - as we all know, particularly when someone is being negative about you or your actions and says something disrespectful - it happens to us as well, nobody is immune from it. That's just one of those times when you need to avoid taking things personally by internalizing what was said because it only leads to feeling unhappy down the line. Basically, if you believe what those people say, it'll stay inside your mind and feelings, impacting others around you, like your spouse, your kids, your best friends and so many other aspects of your life too.

Ka and I have a simple way of handling negative comments, and that's to remove them from our lives, he often says in his videos, if you want to come to our party, you're welcome, and if you want to come to our party and be negative about us, you can go elsewhere...

Choose the Life Path That Fulfills You

Some people think that they can never take time away from a job or school so they can travel to new countries because it will leave a gap of time on their resumes or keep them from carrying on in their normal studies. Okay, yes this is true, but traveling around the world and meeting new people from all walks of life often makes you smarter and happier because you're learning so much more about yourself every day and experiencing new impressions constantly - only someone who has traveled and tried this way of life will be able to see this incredible gift that most of the world is missing out on. It takes a lot of courage to become happy through traveling for numerous reasons, mainly because you're stepping into the unknown over staying with what you've been familiar with for so many years, but it gets easier, trust me on this ;-)

Don’t Concern Yourself with What Other People Think

In order to really have a life of happiness, sometimes you have to give up on living the way that everybody around you says you should live - when Ka and I did this, we went from stressed and struggling to make ends meet, to happy, content and making more money than we could ever dare to imagine.

So, instead of finishing school to get qualified, securing the job, getting married and then having children (probably in that order!), seriously what's stopping you from stepping over the boundaries to move towards a completely different lifestyle path? When you go against the traditional way of living, you're going to receive criticism and all sorts of advice from everyone around you, but given that most (if not all) of those people have little or no experience with what you're setting out to do on your life path, it's generally best to not pay much attention to what they have to say in favor of listening to people who have actual experience with where you're heading. The important thing is your happiness because if you're truly happy, then everything in your life just flows and the possibilities become limitless.

Forget Conventional Structures

One of the main reasons that you can be unhappy is from worrying about small things that really don’t matter - it's an easy trap to fall into. So do this with me now, you need to take a deep breath, sit down and consider your options. If you really think about whether something is important enough to become upset about, it's easy to stop worrying if you determine it's totally not worth your while. You should remember that you have plenty of food and a home along with friends and family that cares about you, which are the things that really matter in life - so be grateful for what you have! We have 6 children and not a day goes when I don't feel grateful for them, and for Ka of course ;-)

To stop worrying or complaining with that internal conversation inside your mind - remember that you can stop that behavior straightaway, because once you do, you'll then immediately begin to enjoy happiness once again, try it!

Anticipate Great Things in Your Life

Never compromise on this - Stop complaining about the bad things that you see in your life, it's important for you to not let yourself become upset about something more than once. By dwelling on something inside your head or discussing it frequently with other people, the situation really just gets worse and then has a knock on effect inside other areas of your daily living. Try to resolve the problem directly, right then, before moving on. By not complaining constantly (and focusing on positive things), happiness, positivity and sheer optimism appear everywhere in your life, which makes it so much easier to spend positive time with the ones you love at home because this overall feeling carries through into your relationships and with everyone else you interact with too!

We're sitting here now with our sixth, newborn child - think about babies, you can't help but smile ;-)

Love and Sunshine,