How To Keep Your 2016 Promises Alive

  • Feb 28, 2016
How To Keep Your 2016 Promises Alive

Here we are, 2016. I wanted to post this a little later in the year, because in January everyone is talking about their goals and we’re all really motivated, but nobody ever really brings them up later on in the year to remain accountable, often times, because nothing has really happened with them. It’s not too late!

I’m particularly talking to you if you’re feeling overwhelmed right now with everything you want to achieve. This could mean you’ve set too many new goals for the year, and it may help to structure them, so try reducing them down to only five. As most people are well aware, making too many promises or resolutions is the fastest way to ignore them. With only five however, you can count them on your hand, so your fingers become a daily reminder of the 2016 promises you made to yourself and want to keep at all costs.

The Quality of Your 2016 Promises Counts

When you restrict the number of 2016 promises to only five, you should also choose five that are definitely "doable."

1. The "thumb" promise is to learn something new, so, each time you look at your thumb you'll be reminded of this promise to learn something new, something that will enhance the quality of your life, increase your position in your career or cultivate a new skill you've always postponed developing in the past.

2. Your "index finger" promise is to finish a course of study you thought you couldn't do. Begin this by revisiting something you considered too difficult to complete. For example, perhaps a foreign language was a past course of study that seemed too difficult. For 2016, go for it and do something different like joining a study group locally, actively engage with it as a free time hobby or better yet, travel to a place in the world where they speak that language and immerse yourself in it completely!

3. The next finger is a reminder that you need to perform a constant check on your career or life vision. If you can't visualize yourself where you'll be a decade from now, this finger will remind you to spend a little time at the end of each day checking and reinforcing your future vision. One interesting result of this is that each new day may actually create an expanded vision or a sense of achievement, thereby helping you to adjust your beliefs a little bit further and making your vision feel that much more achievable.

4. The ring finger is a reminder to strengthen your ties to family and friends. It's also a reminder to mend any discord between those close to you with whom misunderstandings have developed, for whatever reason.

5. The "pinky" or little finger is a reminder to improve your shortcomings. Take a personal inventory on a daily basis of the things you feel you'd like to improve in your personality, behavior or thoughts. Always remember to take small, consistent steps with regard to self-improvement in order for the adjustments to "take root" and become lasting assets, and then build on these improvements over time.


In conclusion, if you’re getting to the point where you don’t feel like you’re making any progress so far this year, less can be more...

Excess in anything is often times the cause of stress and going astray in so many things. The more we stack obligations in life - whether business or personal, and create an ever increasing complexity in our daily existence, the less we're able to really focus on what's important and feel centered in ourselves so we can achieve that sense of accomplishment in our life goals.

Ironically, an absence of simplicity is the source of so much unhappiness. As people, we find it exceedingly difficult to rein in our excesses which, like ripples in a stream, create myriads of complex problems in every facet of our lives.

To be at your happiest, live simply so that others may simply live. Recognize your difficult times, own them, feel them, but then learn to minimize difficulties by adopting an attitude of endless possibility and boundless optimism. Study all options to solve any problems that arise. When it comes down to it, your happiness is never dependent on anyone but yourself. When you're happy, the world around you seems more peaceful, serene and tranquil - so at the end of each day for the rest of this year, count on your fingers how many of your New Year's promises to yourself you've kept alive.

Excess in anything is often times the cause of #stress and going astray in so many things.

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