Living In Costa Rica On A Budget

  • May 11, 2016
Living In Costa Rica On A Budget

When we came to Costa Rica we had no money at all - literally, it was a bold move, but as you can see, it worked wonderfully well for us ;-)

When it comes to the idea of living in a foreign country on a budget, it can be difficult to imagine how you can do this while ensuring a comfortable standard of living. After all, traveling to a foreign country can cost a fair amount of money, so if you're like we were and you're not necessarily loaded to start with, your first though could be that you might not have a great deal left to enjoy yourself with, especially if you're planning on an extended stay. However, there's a place on Earth where you can enjoy yourself to the fullest, even if you're on a reasonable budget and this place is Costa Rica (surprise!) There are plenty of excellent reasons why you should visit - we're going to share a few with you, right here...

Living on a Budget Simply Depends on the Lifestyle You Choose

When it comes to living in Costa Rica, you should know that living on a budget simply depends on the lifestyle you choose for yourself, like anywhere really. And the fact of the matter is that you can live very well indeed in Costa Rica without ever feeling the need to live above or beyond your means.

There's no need to flash money around in Costa Rica and regardless of the size of your bank account, you'll find comfortable accommodations, plenty of fresh, healthy food, and ample opportunity for adventure and relaxation.

There's No Need to Purchase Expensive Imported Goods in Costa Rica

When it comes to purchasing the goods and services that travelers and locals alike need to enhance the quality of their lives (and really out here you 'need' very little), there's simply no need to have to depend on expensive imported goods. Costa Rica has a thriving economy, along with an infrastructure that's very well developed so all of the goods, from food to furniture, that people need to live can be purchased directly in Costa Rica at a very reasonable price.

The Night Life in Cost Rica Is Extremely Affordable

With nearly 6 kids night life isn't something we're really into that much, but if you're looking for a little nocturnal excitement in Costa Rica you will find it. Travelers are often extremely surprised to learn that they can get by with spending very little when out and about, comparatively speaking anyway. From casinos to night clubs to restaurants, visitors can enjoy the night life of Costa Rica in grand style without the usual corresponding dent in their bank account.

There's No Need to Spend Big Bucks on Food in Costa Rica

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise that awaits travelers when they finally reach Costa Rica is the realization that they can enjoy their fill of healthy, additive and preservative free food and water - good quality fresh whole food is super important to us, so you can totally get why we love this place!! Costa Rica has some of the most diverse and healthy fruits and vegetables on Earth, and plenty of sparkling clean fresh water to enjoy them with. And it's all grown locally and priced at an affordable rate, so there's simply no need to spend loads of money on food in Costa Rica.

The Local Transportation Network in Costa Rica Is Superb

Finally, there's no need to even buy a car or truck, as we've been able to manage just fine as a large family without having our own vehicle. In the resort areas, Costa Rica boasts a superb national transportation network. For all of these reasons and many more, Costa Rica is fast becoming the world's premier destination for seasonal vacationers in search of what can only be called, paradise on Earth. We love it :-)

Costa Rica, the place on Earth where you can enjoy living fully even on a budget! -

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