5 Steps To Manifest ANYTHING You Want

Would you like to know five steps to manifest anything you want?  This has been on my mind the last few days. I was talking to a friend from my past recently who knew me when I had no money, was on social benefits and couldn’t buy the things I needed for my kids. He wondered how I could now be living in paradise. He noticed how happy I was and how I had achieved financial freedom in only a few years. He asked how I went from that to having abundance, joy, meaning and health in my life in such a short time. This made me stop and really look at this because my life simply feels normal to me. I realized it really is extraordinary to have a complete 180 turn in your life in such a short time. Other people who have known me longer ask me this a lot. There has been such a transformation and change in my life and I want to help others achieve this. 

3 Reasons Not To Work Hard And To Wait For Retirement

Hi Guys, 

This is your Ka speaking and I'm coming to you 'live' from a beautiful forest in Germany. This is one of the only things aside from family that I miss while travelling in the tropics. We just arrived yesterday so you will have to forgive me if I look a little tired. I'm jet lagged for sure but I feel really energetic because of the diet I'm on now. I'm eating very little and drinking lots of juices. I just arrived here and am really, really happy that I was able to put my arms around my family!! Especially my three little kids and Katie – all of them really!! We are reunited and I'm really happy about this!!