This Is Why We Love Costa Rica

  • May 04, 2016
This Is Why We Love Costa Rica

You may have noticed we love Costa Rica, we're about to build a very cool eco-home here and it's been an awesome experience so far (check out where we're building in the video below).

A lot of the people we work with in our business school and through our Facebook groups end up living in places like Costa Rica, Bali or Thailand, so we know for sure that people are looking for a country that provides an awesome lifestyle, at a fairly low cost, and many love the tropical paradise places like we do.

Tourists and travelers searching for the world's most beautiful country will have plenty of stories to share of the places they've been to in the course of this quest, but a surprising number of them share the same ideas about the places that stand out above all others. If there's any question that Costa Rica is truly among the world's most beautiful and enchanting locations, read on for plenty of proof ;-)

Costa Rica Possesses Some of the World's Most Beautiful Beaches

It's true - the nation of Costa Rica is essentially divided by two opposite coast lines: The Pacific coast, which is filled with scenic and stunning beaches, and the Caribbean coast, which is also home to some of the most extensive and gorgeous rain forest scenery in the world - it's AMAZING! Whichever side you choose (and who says you have to choose only one right?) you'll be assured of the opportunity to take in some of the most tranquil, relaxing, and refreshing landscapes that Mother Earth has created for your pleasure.

Costa Rica Offers a Wealth of Exciting Adventure Opportunities

One of the major attractions of this tranquil Central American paradise is its wealth of exciting adventure opportunities, both inside and outside - I can tell you, we never get bored, not even the kids! When it comes to planning a day filled with non-stop excitement, such as camping, surfing, fishing, yoga, hiking, hot springs hunting, power boating, ziplining, water skiing, biking, canopy tours, and general sight seeing, Costa Rica truly has it all.

And that's only the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Costa Rica also offers more than its fair share of exciting night life adventure. From trendy clubs to fashionable bars, from the delights of non-stop dancing to the thrill of casino blackjack (if you're into that sort of thing), Costa Rica will keep your nights pulsating with adventure. This is one nation where the natives know how to celebrate life, and love to share their secrets with newcomers.

Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest Is Quite a Sight!

One of the premier attractions that Costa Rica can boast of is its amazing Monteverde cloud forest. At first glance, first time travelers may not be able to tell a cloud forest from a rain forest. The main difference is that cloud forests, of which the Monteverde is the world's premier example in my opinion, are located at higher elevations. As a result, they're wrapped in clouds, giving the whole area a misty, ethereal atmosphere that truly gives visitors the feeling of being in a whole new world.

Costa Rica Is a True Caribbean Paradise

Perhaps the main reason that so many international visitors choose Costa Rica as their premier destination of choice is the fact that no other location on Earth can give them the feeling of being whisked back to a pure, unspoiled land, free from the ravages of time - it's really something.

There are places in this land where it seems that no human foot has ever trod. No matter how many travelers come to this beautiful country to seek peace and relaxation, it remains in its original, pristine state. For all of these reasons and more, plus getting to swim in the warm ocean everyday and consume large quantities of fresh coconuts, Costa Rica is most definitely one of the world's most sought after travel destinations - and we love it!

Costa Rica is most definitely one of the world's most sought after travel destinations - and we love it! Here's why:

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