Why Tamarindo In Costa Rica Is Great For Families

  • Mar 30, 2016
Why Tamarindo In Costa Rica Is Great For Families

Traveling to Costa Rica with children is an excellent idea because this Central America country welcomes families like no other, and their values are really connected to family life and kids. We absolutely love it here for several reasons, which is why we've decided to build our very first eco-house here, which we're so excited about!!

With a year-round warm climate, parents can find loads of fun activities that are perfect for children of all ages. A popular area to visit is the small town of Tamarindo which is located along the coastline and offers an incredible variety of wonderful amenities for tourists, including a number of great hotels.

Build Sand Castles and Watch Surfers on the Beaches

We love the beach!! Swimming in the ocean is something we do every day with the kids and Tamarindo is famous for its beaches where children and adults can play in the sand, walk along the shore looking for seashells or spend the day building sand castles of all sizes. The waves along the shoreline are substantial, making it easy for surfers to enjoy surfing for much of any given day. Of course, anyone on the beach is also welcome to watch, and it's even possible for tourists to take surfing lessons from experts.

Watch Turtles Lay Eggs

Tourists who are fortunate enough to visit Tamarindo from November to April can watch the female leatherback turtles crawl onto the beaches to lay eggs deep inside the sand (this is so cool!) After laying the eggs, the turtles return to the ocean, but within two or three months, the eggs begin to hatch. If tourists are around at just the right time they get to watch the tiny hatchlings emerge from sandy nests and crawl slowly to the ocean.

Enjoy Water Sports in Tamarindo

Costa Rica is a country that believes in maintaining a clean environment, which of course makes it easy for tourists to feel safe while engaging in water sports. Local hotels can arrange to provide the equipment necessary to go fishing, zip lining or snorkeling, to name just a few pursuits they can help you with. It's also possible to go on a boat ride along an estuary or ride a horse along the beach in the evening.

Visiting the Parque Acuatico La Boya Waterpark

Children love visiting waterparks, particularly to splash around in swimming pools after going down waterslides. Parents and children can enjoy an entire day at the Parque Acuatico La Boya Waterpark in Tamarindo, where you'll find shallow wading pools designed for your little ones and deep pools for more experienced swimmers like Ka!

Watching Whales and Dolphins in Tamarindo

The family groups visiting Tamarindo are welcome to go on boat rides offshore to see humpback whales or dolphins that travel through the sea near Costa Rica. This is a great opportunity for children and parents to learn about marine life and the importance of conservation to protect these beautiful creatures.

Swimming in Rivers or Waterholes

In addition to beaches, Tamarindo has nearby rivers and waterholes where families can enjoy swimming on hot days, which are fairly common! These natural waterways also provide a way to see Costa Rica’s natural waterfalls, caves and wildlife. At your request, most hotels would be very happy to put together a great picnic basket for your family to take out on a day trip, whether to a waterhole, river or wherever sounds fun at the time :-)

Take a Cooking Class

Occasionally though, it does rain in Tamarindo but there are still fun activities available for families, for instance your hotel can arrange for children and parents to visit a local family’s home or even take a cooking class to learn about the local cuisine. This is a great way to learn about the foods that are popular in the country of Costa Rica, both traditionally and in modern times.

So, I feel like a tour guide after all that :-) Have you traveled with your family? Where are your favorite places - leave a comment below!