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Discipline Or Letting Go – What Is Needed To Succeed Eating Healthy


Being a vegan does not mean one needs to be a 100 percent vegetarian and eat only raw food.  This isn’t the key to succeed eating healthy.  Some people think we are 100 percent vegan followers. But that is not true.  We do consume eggs and goats milk cheese every few months. There are a few extremist vegans who are against this practice and they believe that one needs to be 100 percent vegan. We believe that it’s ok to be somewhere in between with this practice and if we give out recipes which include honey or cashew nuts it’s ok and there’s nothing to be upset about.

Discipline or letting go – What is needed to succeed eating healthy?

succeed eating healthyTake this example – If you are planning on losing some weight you need to understand that some amount of discipline is required in order to help you achieve your target. One needs to follow a regular diet and exercise in a timely manner in order to get results. To do so you need to follow a disciplined life. One needs to understand that success does not come easy and it requires a lot of hard work and strong will power. You must have a clear picture in your mind about what you want to do and how you want to put your plan to action.

One also needs to understand that failure is a part of life and most of the time you will never be able to get success unless you have tasted failure. We need to learn from the mistakes we make and try to improve ourselves for the better. It’s best to learn and try to make things better than to sit and judge from our mistakes. You must remember that failure only makes you stronger and teaches you how to avoid the past mistakes. Learn from your mistakes in order to get better results and this can take you places.

Lastly; people who are judgmental about others are often very harsh on themselves. This creates bad situations in and around your family and friends. Learn to be a little laid-back; not too much but a little is ok. Accept failure as it comes and do not judge. This will not helping improving the situation and instead will make you weaker.

Balance is important and one needs to balance their life in a manner which is best suited for them. Never be too harsh on yourself and never give in too easily. Plan and strategies your life in a way which can be fruitful for everyone. Indulgence once in a while is fine and there’s nothing to be upset about. So remember to live healthy, eat right and indulge once in awhile. There’s no need to be an extremist vegan who judges others. Just be a normal healthy person who chooses to live a healthy life.



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  1. Great video, Ka :) It is truthful, discipline is required to meet your goals. We must commit and do what is good for us. And even though we do not like defeat as much as victory, the defeats are what make us the strongest. :) It is better to embrace our failures and grow from them than it is to resent ourselves and others. And we must live by what our intuition and instincts tell us instead of trying to follow rules placed on ourselves by others (the people bashing you)

  2. The distractions are my biggest enemy. They stare me in the face everyday, and that’s 1. the cold weather, 2. People forcing and offering me junk foods and getting upset when I refuse. 3. my own sugar cravings (even though I have quit sugar) 4. Cost and supply of raw fruit and veg and 5. my mental state (sometimes weaker especially when I face life’s problems) Thanks for sharing your video

  3. So when honey is taken, it is replaced with fake stuff? Bees can replace it on their own can’t they? Didn’t know that. Thanks for informing me.

  4. You’re most welcome! :) They can replace it, but the honey farmers take it again because honey=money. So the bees are exhausted from collecting nectar and producing all that honey, then it’s all taken away and they have to live off of the crappy sugar substitute, which weakens them further and can cause entire hives to fail. Poor bees, I would be mad if someone took away all my nutritious food and replaced it with a heap of corn syrup too!

  5. How can people force you to eat junk food? o.O offering I understand, of course, people offer me stuff also, but they don’t force me to eat anything! :)) For sugar cravings I can advise you to take a Magnesium supplement, or if you don’t want to do that, you can take Spirulina pills or powder, also, barley grass powder helps a lot! I hope this will help you!

  6. This is a wonderful and enlightening video ka. I find that there are many people, too many in fact, who are very direct and obnoxious in their approach. There is a way to try and convince people to see differently and to inspire but being dogmatic, as you well put it, is a failing approach. Unfortunately, it is the vegan/raw foodists that I find to be the most difficult. :( Like yourself, I am balanced and only convey a healthy lifestyle through my own life. How I look and feel.

  7. Self Discipline is a good thing – in work, in relationships, what you put in your body. Impossible to have total self-discipline every minute, every day – but I believe it is good to aim for that. With no judgment for others. Also w/ a mind of your own (not following what someone else tells u to do) I believe that what matters in the end is your character & the good that you do for others. When I’m gone, my tombstone should have such good stuff there’ll be no room for “She was a high raw vegan”

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