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6 Effective Ways To Detox Heavy Metals Naturally


By eating specific foods we are able to cleanse our bodies and detox heavy metals naturally.
For certain people a natural food cleansing diet is a good option as it is affordable, easy to do and does not hinder your normal routine.

A more intensive cleansing system is also possible and holds a lot of benefits, but for most of us this could be quite difficult to do on a regular basis.

Most of the time a good natural cleanse works well.  It is done simply by eating certain types of food and is quite effective if done the right way.

Given below are the six natural foods that cleanse your body and detox heavy metals naturally.

1. Bentonite Clay –  Turning to nature is a good idea when planning to detox heavy metals naturally. This is an ancient and an wonderful method of removing toxins from your body.

Cultures who have constantly been using this clay have been healthy for hundreds of years.  The way it works is that it travels through our digestive tract and, as it is not chemically active, it does not get digested when consumed. So it travels freely through our bodies doing its work along the way.

Bentonite Clay is made up of tiny platelets. As the clay travels, it begins to expand like a sponge, absorbing water as it works its way through our bodies. But as well as water it also soaks up many positively-charged toxins in its path until it is fully saturated. The positively-charged toxins are magnetically attracted to the negatively-charged clay. Once the clay has travelled through the digestive tract it is eliminated from the body along with the toxins attached to it. Bentonite is a mineral-rich clay that can be taken internally, it just needs to be mixed with water.

It has an amazing capacity to bind toxins and extract them.  Just be sure to drink plenty of water when using this clay in order to prevent dehydration.

2. Blue and Green Algae –  Blue and Green Algae like Chlorella contain many antioxidants and also the dark green chlorophyll pigment. There are tons of bacteria that cause stress on your system and they are simply unable to co-exist with this dark green pigment, as it has such a powerful detoxifying effect.  Chlorella and other algae are known to bind to toxins and especially to heavy metals, thereby detoxing them from the body naturally.  Algae is also amazing for the eyesight and for brain health.

3. Burdock (Root) – Burdock is known for preventing cancer and it’s also very good for cleansing the liver and binding mercury. Mercury is a very heavy metal that is present in most of the foods that we consume daily.   Anyone with amalgam fillings is also breathing in the toxic gas given off by the mercury in these fillings and certainly needs to work very hard to detox this from their body.  Amalgam fillings should also be replaced as soon as possible – but only by a highly competent dentist with proven experience in safe extraction of these fillings using a rubber dam.  Consuming Burdock root will help with the naturally detoxing of heavy metals and can eaten raw (juiced or grated in salads and coleslaws) or cooked (in soups, sauteed with carrots and sesame seeds).  It can also be made into a medicinal tea.

4. Cilantro (Leaf and Stem) – Cilantro has a lot of antioxidants and is known to bind to mercury. It’s also known to prevent Salmonella and similar bacteria spreading throughout the body, making this is a very cheap and natural tool that helps to detox heavy metals naturally in order to stay healthy.  Particularly effective when used in conjunction with chlorella.

5. Garlic – Garlic is known to lower blood pressure and balance your high cholesterol levels at the same time as cleansing the liver. It has been well known for thousands of years to be anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.  It is an incredible detoxifying food, cleansing the body from the inside out.  Garlic helps with the natural detoxing of heavy metals from the body.

6. Onion – Balances your cholesterol levels and helps with the detox of heavy metals like mercury.  Also known for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It’s always best to have onions in their raw form rather than cooking them, as you lose out on all their health benefits once they are cooked.

Garlic, onions, hot chilli peppers, ginger and other sulfur-containing foods are amazing for detoxing mercury from the body.  This is because sulfur is the opposite of mercury on the periodic table – they oppose one another, so one pushes the other out.  Mercury is so highly toxic and has been identified as the main cause of Alzheimers disease, shizophrenia, multiple sclerosis and other nervous system-related diseases.  So increase your sulfur to get rid of your mercury!

So those are the six natural foods that help with the natural detoxification of heavy metals from the body. They are very affordable and will go a long way to helping you stay healthy and fit.



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  1. Great info! Love the list of what to eat-never heard of the clay though. What are your thoughts on arsenic (I know it’s not a heavy metal) which has recently been found in rice in the US? It’s been a staple in my Veggie Kids’ lives but not anymore now… Happy New Year!

  2. … to know. Next, check out a product by Shaman Shack called Sea Clear. It is delightfully tangy, a fermented kelp with other goodies, designed to pull heavy metals out. Infinite blessings to you and your beautiful family, and all life – after all, we are One. Thank you so much for your work. PS It’s also said that boron is helpful in this – & supportive of bone. It is quite cheap, too, as Borax in the cleaning aisle at the grocery. ~♥~

  3. Omg are you saying we can internally ingest Borax or am I misinterpreting your comment? That sounds so radical. For ridding the body of heavy metal toxins? If so, how? Can you please elaborate?

  4. Ka all auyrvedic doctors recommend staying away from and avoiding onions and garlic, and if you do consume them to cook them first, In India garlic is not consumed by humans, Andreas Moritz has a video about this, gabirel cousins says this too, garlic and white onions desyncranize your brains hemispheres and eatten raw can burn holes through your intestinal lining, robert cassar also says this as well on here, ive heard zeolites and activated charcoal work and edta as well, later

  5. Ka, I have a question. I have always been interested in bentonite clay and it’s uses, but do you know how it is processed (or if it is not)? I’m just a little cautious about ingesting it because of impurities it may contain??

  6. Ka, thank You for the video, I always watch it. I have to ask about garlic. Andreas Moritz said that garlic may be very bad for as, specially raw garlic and raw onion. There is film on Youtube with answer dr Moritz. Hi was a ayurveda specialist.

  7. ayurvedic doctors also condone consuming dairy which we all know is bad for us. I agree about onions and garlic in the sense that they are medicines and should only be used as such. Garlic cleanses your body and it shouldn’t be consumed regularly.

  8. Ayurveda is ancient; in those days, cows were “sattavic” and their milk was good next to mother’s milk. Now in many countries cow feed contains meat and hormones and these animals are milked with vacuum suction, causing mucous and blood enter milk ! Also according to TCM, onion family aggravates arthritis. As you mentioned handle with care, it’s a strong medicine.

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Come and join the tribe of 50.000 people who are free & alive. Get free weekly tips to start your journey!