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Fats That Do Not Make You Fat


Fats that do not make you fatA lot of natural foods can be great for your health, but sometimes we hear about nutrients that seem that they could make you fat.  We’re not talking about junk food here, but about useful food products – raw foods that may seem “fatty” but, in fact, are not.

Everyone tries to find food groups that will taste great, fulfill their needs yet keep them healthy. This can be hard to do with the processed foods that you find at the supermarket!  Thankfully there are alternatives. Fats that do not make you fat do exist, and here we will cover a few of them.

It is important to remember that there is a huge distinction between healthy fats and unhealthy fats.  Low-fat diet are DANGEROUS!  The difference comes in choosing what type of fats to include in your diet.  Healthy fats are VITAL – for energy, building blocks for cell membranes, hormone production and a healthy brain and nervous system.

1. Coconuts –  especially coconut water which has no fat at all, yet is enriched with many minerals and vitamins. This is the best type of drink you can get and also tastes great. You could also eat the flesh part, and that is also very low in fat content.

But the coconut oil itself is a major immune booster as it contains anti-microbial lauric acid (and is second only to breastmilk in its lauric acid content!).  It also lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol – for hormones, the nervous system and the brain.

2. Seeds –  Many plants produce seeds and they have very little fat, providing you with a lot of health benefits. So even if you require a low intake of fat, concentrate on healthy fat. That way you will only get the amount of fat you need and nothing more, yet a lot of good nutrients will fill your body as well.  Seeds such as flax, chia, and hemp also contain good amounts of omega 3 fats.  Consumption of an equal amount of both omega 3 and omega 6 rather than the usual 1:20 – 1:50 in most Western diets has been proven essential in the prevention of heart disease.

3. Avocados – These are also great raw foods for you to consume. They contain a lot of vitamin E, which is needed to keep your immune system strong and fight disease.  They are also amazing for hormone production.  A super-healthy fat to eat on a regular basis.  Recent studies have also shown avocados to be helpful in allowing us to absorb other nutrients too – apparently consuming avocados will actually help your internal system digest these other nutrients in a much better way.  We use avocados in many of our recipes, like our Avocado Dressing.

Fats that do not make you fat4. Olive oil – This is a popular European nutrient and is part of many existing diets, but it also contains fats that do not make you fat, especially cold pressed olive oil. Adding this food to your diet is easy as it can easily be incorporated into so many meals.

5. Nuts – Nuts are also great in this category. Almost all nuts, except peanuts which contains aflatoxin (a highly carcinogenic mycotoxin or mould, formed during the drying process), are very easy to digest and contain many great nutrients for your body, together with a low amount of fat.  If you are trying to lose weight, don’t overdo the nuts in your diet though – rather concentrate on other sources of healthy fat instead.

Thanks to these raw foods, you can ensure that you eat enough to feel satisfied, yet do not consume a large amount of fats. This is very important to lose weight and to stay healthy.



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  1. intermittent fasting from 7~8pm through 12~1pm is a great thing for people to try out! The way i feel look & clarity is soooo much better. I believe the morning hours are meant for the body the cleanse/detox/& use what you ate the day before as energy etc. The midd dsy hours are best time for digestion for me!

  2. I enjoyed this video because he says what I want to hear. hehe ) I want to eat as much raw fruits and vegetables as I can, but I’ll never give up my almond butter and well. peanut butter, even if it is hard to digest, which I never knew. For those in the States, Bragg has a great unprocessed olive oil that is great, I also found coconut vinegar to use along with that on my salads

  3. what do you think about the coconut water that comes in the cartons? it must be pasteurized but fresh coconuts here in LA cost a fortune. I’m on day 19 of a juice fast and have barely lost any weight. I’ve been drinking the coco water in cartons…is that a big mistake?

  4. thank you, really needed to hear this! How many nuts would you say is enough in one day? I consume about two handful’s of macadamia plus pistachios daily and I seem to be losing weight still. I also eat a half an avo each day. It makesmore sense that these foods would not cause weight gain, since they are also rawfoods. I have lost 0ver 20kg in just over 2 months! Im loving it, thanks for the motivation!! Love you guys, god bless

  5. I consumed lots of coconuts, coconut water and coconut jelly like the type you were talking about in the carribean St lucia. My parents bought me up on Avocados so they are a natural part of my diet, I haven’t eaten one for 4 wks now & better get back to eating them. Olive oil is another reqular thing I add to my diet, I like the taste. I eat cashews, almonds & many other nuts but haven’t eaten any since early jan. Very good video &explanation of the nutrients and what they do for you thank you

  6. Coconut water is so Amazing! Did you know that coconut water is the one thing that is closest in nutrients to breast milk? Also, in WW1 or 2 (cannot remember which one) it was a substitute for blood plasma for transfusions! Coconuts are truly an amazing food!

  7. Karolina from France on

    Very nice post! And I believe very important since so many people avoid and are even afraid of fats… I’m not for raw cheesecakes loaded with coconut oil, nuts and seeds all in one neither for 80/10/10 (that aggravates all Vata conditions in my body and mind – with some fat I feel well on 100%raw, without – no way! ) A small portion of good quality source of fat (soaked nuts and seeds, avocado and coconut) makes you feel so good…and your skin is so soft and hydrated…. What works best for me is one source of fat per meal…
    Thank you for your open mind and heart and all that you do…

  8. …He’s German. He has an accent. Yeah, his pronunciation is different from Americans’. And… avocados are pronounced as they are spelled. Strange comment, dude.

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Come and join the tribe of 50.000 people who are free & alive. Get free weekly tips to start your journey!