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How to do a Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse / Flush


Sometimes it is necessary to do a liver and gallbladder cleanse.  Why, you ask?   Well, no matter where you grow up and what diet you follow, there will always be some chemicals your body is exposed to.  Even a vegan consumes some chemicals without even knowing it.  Raw food, even if it is organic, is also exposed to some sort of chemicals sometimes, either unknowingly during the growing process (pesticides from neighbouring farms carried on the wind for example) or maybe during packaging or transportation.

liver and gallbladder cleansePackaged water that comes in plastic bottles is also full of chemicals – and this is so common that it is very difficult to avoid it.  Other forms of chemicals our bodies are exposed to are chemicals that come from non-organic detergents we use to wash our clothes, or non-organic paints we use at home or from our car seat, industrial pollution, traffic fumes, non-organic cosmetics and toiletries and so on.  This list can go on and on.

No matter where you live, you are exposed to chemicals, and no matter what diet you follow, these chemicals enter your body.  We need to get rid of these chemicals from our body in order for us to keep our liver functioning and free from any disease.  We need to keep other organs functioning too but as the liver cleanses the blood in the body, if it does not function properly it can lead to a number of health issues including cancer.

A healthy liver is very important and in order to keep it healthy we need a healthy gall bladder.  The chemicals that enter our body cause stones in our gallbladder and even though I live a healthy life and eat raw food and follow a vegan diet I still could not escape gallstones!  There are a number of ways to detox and do a liver and gallbladder cleanse; however I follow a simple home remedy which I have used for over 10 years and have successfully managed to cleanse my body of all its gallstones thus flushing the liver and gallbladder, making it good as new.

You must consult your doctor before planning on taking any medication. However, your doctor might advise you to go in for some expensive options which are not always safe. Here’s what I, and a number of people, have been doing for many years in order to keep their gall bladder and liver fully functional – a liver and gallbladder cleanse.

To begin with one needs to prepare for the cleanse at least a week in advance. If you’re not a vegan try to go vegetarian for at least a week before the cleanse. Eat light and healthy food for a week and drink loads of water. Drinking apple juice also helps to soften the stones and get rid of them more easily.  One day before the cleanse stay fat-free. Avoid any food which has the slightest amount of fat since this could weaken you during the cleanse.   Test yourself for Epsom salts sensitivity – some people are highly allergic and it can be very dangerous for them to consume Epsom salts.  So try taking a teaspoon in a glass of water or apple juice and waiting 24 hours before starting the cleanse.

On the day of the cleanse, stop all food at 10pm, then begin by drinking a glass of Epsom salt with water at about 2pm, then again at 6pm and again at 8pm. This will flush out all the remaining food in your gut and cleanse it completely. You can also use freshly-squeezed apple juice instead – helps with the Epsom salts taste, especially if chilled!  Best way is to prepare all of the Epsom salts mixture in advance.  Take 3 cups of water or apple juice and mix in 4 tablespoons Epsom salts.  This will make 4 servings.  Then drink about 3/4 cup each time.  You can also do this cleanse by stopping all food at 2pm and taking your first dose of Epsom salts at 6pm, then again at 8pm.  And another dose at 6am the next day (and another at 8am if you feel to!)   Then, at 10pm, mix up the juice of 1 large grapefruit and 1/2 cup olive oil, shake well, and drink.  Go to bed straight away and you will certainly pass stones the following morning!  This is a very effective way to cleanse your gallbladder and get rid of gallstones.

I hope you find this process useful and that you are able to flush the toxins from your body and keep your liver and gallbladder in prime working order.  The liver is responsible for approximately 500 different functions in the body – so… LOVE YOUR LIVER!



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  1. It is also very beneficial to eat a lot of fresh raw apples every day for a few weeks prior to doing a liver flush. They contain malic acid which helps dissolve stones and make them smaller and easier to pass.

  2. I went and saw a Naturopath and she had me do Andreas Moritz flush, who was born in Germany :0) I weighed 280 pounds then now 155 and i lost so much pain stress and problems, I drink 32 ounces of apple juice every day to soften the stones 6 days total no fat too And any real trained doctor can tell you the stones are real, any autopsy can prove they are, Its an amazing way to heal, i found raw foods combined with organ cleansing to work wonders and be a blessing, Hope you enjoy the US Ka, Eric

  3. I removed more pain, suffering, and emotional and mental problems than i can convey by flushing my liver and gallbladder, check out autopsy fotage or ask a trained doctor, if my words are not viable for you, as an opinion, You even have to relearn how to enteract with others that many thoughts forms and preprogrammed imprints can be released, Yea thier real, and its cheap and easy, doesnt taste good and takes a good many to remove the build up accumulated stones but it works, Eric

  4. I wish I knew about this cleanse years ago. I had a gallbladder attack then surgery when I was 19 yrs old yes a teenager. Since that experience it had led me to have raw food habits.

  5. Ka, could you PLEASE help me understand something. I discovered the liver and gallbladder cleanse via Andreas Moritz. In my eyes, he was the healthiest man! However, I found out that he dies recently at the age of 52? I was like, what the hell? Do you know more on this?

  6. I just did my 2nd cleanse 2 days ago &passed a stone that had a diameter of a quarter! Don’t give up people, don’t give in if you have gallbladder troubles. Doctors wanted me to have surgery too, the cleanses are a process. You’ll probably have to do more than 1, (sometimes 12) Be patient! and GOD bless : ) Type this into for the Cleanse instructions I use: healtheelife article andrea moritz liver gallbladder flush Also YouTube: ” Andrea Moritz ” <3

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Come and join the tribe of 50.000 people who are free & alive. Get free weekly tips to start your journey!