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Natural Medicine Cabinet Makeover


Natural medicine cabinet makeoverWith the start of a New year we are all looking forward to positive changes and better developments in ourselves for the year ahead.

This process of renewing ourselves or looking ahead for the best takes on many forms, for some it could be new year’s resolutions for weight loss and staying fit, for some it could be to stop drinking and smoking it could be becoming healthier naturally or it could be to give away old stuff and give way for newer and better things.

If you have made a resolution to give importance to your health, there is never a better time to replace your medicines and get yourself a Natural medicine cabinet makeover. You can start off by taking a closer look at what sort of medicines is inside your cabinet. Even what may seem to be the most safest items can contain chemicals that would be doing you more harm than good.

Given below are my four tips for a Natural Medicine Cabinet Makeover.

Four tips for a Natural Medicine Cabinet Makeover:

1. Aloevera – Aloevera is a very important Natural medicine that you should keep at your home at all times because of the range of benefits it produces. It is known to treat a variety of skin problems for many decades. The Aloevera Extract provides you with natural relief to acne breakouts along with dry skin, helps you with issues relating to your hair and scalp, cosmetic issues etc. Aloevera is available in different parts of Africa and India as well. It is also a great natural medicine for all your skin infections, burns, wounds etc.

2. Arnica – Do yourself a favor by making sure your new Natural medicine Cabinet Makeover contains Arnica. Accidents, bumps and bruises are a part of everyday life, to take care of these severe mishaps Arnica is a gem that everyone should become familiar with and have them readily available. It is mostly used as an oil or an ointment, you could also find it in the form of a cream or a gel. It is an important herb mainly used for its medicinal and first aid purposes from the 1500’s. You can find it in most health stores, it is very easy to use and is proven to be very effective.

3. Tea Tree Oil – This is another very important item that you have to include in your Natural medicine Cabinet makeover as it carries many benefits and is something so simple to use. It is an antiseptic which means it can fight away all the bacteria in any sort of infection or wound that you might have. Another benefit is that it is Anti- viral in nature where it fights off common infectious diseases. It also has anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties. It is also known to help your skin in the healing process and helps keep the wounds clean without damaging your skin in anyway.

4. Calendula Cream – Calendula is an herbal plant, sometimes referred to as a marigold. There are many bacterial, inflammatory and viral conditions that can actually be aided or even completely healed by using the Calendula plant. The Calendula plants healing powers even extend to healing different wounds and burns. One way that it works is by reducing inflammation in and around the wound and speeding up healing. Without the Calendula plant, modern medicine would not be as advanced as it is.

These were my four tips for a Natural Medicine Cabinet Makeover. Additionally, you might consider making over your toothbrush and toothpaste routine.  Start taking control of your life and include these natural medicines to your cabinet and see how it can benefit you. All you need to do is educate yourself about the amazing natural healing powers of these medicines.



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  1. Thankyou Ka. Can you apply tea tree oil without dilution directly on a cut or burn? If so its a good thing to put in a first aid kit. My husband always wants to use Polysporin but I want something natural.

  2. Yes, can you recommend something for headaches? My friend suffers from severe, chronic headaches & migraines and she’s seen so many doctors here in the States, and they never help her! She’s had many tests done, but they say she’s perfectly healthy. She takes strong prescription meds now, but even they don’t work sometimes…it’s really sad

  3. Hi I just wanted to say that I love all those items but I need to praise &thank the magical Alo Vera Plant I have used it for 30 years and it healed my scars up in half the time also itchy, rash, or dry skin ,any skin problem as well as burns & sun burn. also if it’s a miracle on outside your body it is also inside to put some juice in your smoothies great for tummy, digestion inflammation & ulcers gum problems, tooth abscess to I even put it in my dogs food,. enjoy wanted to share cheers

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Come and join the tribe of 50.000 people who are free & alive. Get free weekly tips to start your journey!