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Natural Flu Shot Alternatives


Chances are if you are reading this you are already aware of the potential risks or side effects of receiving a flu shot and may be considering natural flu shot alternatives.
We have been writing about this already in earlier posts…
There’s really no need for questionable flu shots when you can protect yourself from a much wider array of bacteria and viruses by supporting your body’s natural immune function. I’d like to offer natural alternatives to traditional flu shot therapy that may offer far more protection for you and your family.

Now that you have made your decision to remain flu shot free, what is your next step? What are good natural Flu shot alternatives? A strong, healthy immune system in key to preventing a flu virus from attacking your body. If your first line of defense is strong and healthy, then you possess the tools to remain healthy and “flu free”.

The Five Natural Flu Shot Alternatives:

1. Avoid Sugar ( Use Natural Sweeteners) – Having sugary foods and drinks can cause a spike in your blood glucose levels and it can weaken your immune system drastically which could result in flu attacks. In response, our bodies secrete insulin. This would promote cell growth and inflammation. And when you have too much of them, they can pave the way for the development of cancer. Try sweeteners like honey , Stevia etc. Natural sweeteners are healthier for you than refined sugar, and they taste great!

2. Fresh Orange Juice – One glass of fresh orange juice will ensure that you get your recommended daily dose of Vitamin C which boosts your immune system. Fresh orange juice contains flavonoids which can help reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. Studies carried out have proven that fresh orange juice can protect one against cancer and heart disease as well as boost our immune system responses.

3. Ginger – Modern researchers have evaluated the health benefits of the plant based on the natural chemical compounds it contains. The research indicates that the plant has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-glycation activity. Ginger extract has been shown to provide some benefits for the pain of arthritis and for post-exercise muscular pain. Like other natural anti-inflammatories, the extracts are safe to use on a regular basis and are actually more beneficial in that they work to reduce chronic or silent inflammation, the kind involved in cancer and heart disease.

4. Reduce Stress, Sleep Well – We all need to reduce stress and get restful sleep. Do you know anybody that isn’t feeling stressed these days? It’s just a fact of modern life. Work, relationships, school, staying organized, keeping up with schedules, even meeting all the demands of a social life is stressful. Sleep? It’s absent or too brief. Often, the more we do, the more there is to do. And for many, exhaustion doesn’t insure a good night’s sleep. Even a quiet, solitary life can be stressful and sleepless. It’s very important to plan your day and give your body the due rest it deserves before it packs up.

5. Green Juices – One of the main reasons why you might be prone to getting flu attacks is due to lack of nutrients. We’ve all heard how good green and leafy vegetables are for you, but many of us fail to add it to our daily diet. Unless you eat a big green salad each day, it’s hard to incorporate kale, lettuce, spinach, and other leafy greens into your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s why juicing your greens can help you get the essential nutrients from them in a delicious drink.

Building a strong immune system with natural flu shot alternatives is easy when you take the right supplements to keep your body strong and healthy.


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  1. OOOH No no no! That A no no My friend! Unless they have a gun to your head you shouldn’t give shots to you’r babies… my opinion! not Ka’s apperently

  2. “Vaccination or not”, that is such a personal decision to make. I am not giving any recommendations here, as I do not want to be held responsible for the outcome. All I can say is this: Our 4 kids, my wife and me we have NOT been vaccinated in 10 years (that while traveling the tropical belt around earth for a decade as well. We have never been sick) Please do research on side-effects of vaccinations, and their REAL effects on your body.

  3. One of my professor who gets his flue shot every year became sick after getting it and was miserable for a month ! I never had one. Thanks Ka for keep reminding us about nutrition and health.

  4. Vaccines are filled with formaldehyde mercury aspartame arsenic just to name a few nasty ingredients.They want you sick they claim we are overpopulated and instead of dealing with it the right way we are being poisoned like lab rats with vaccines,chemtrails,GMOs,tainting our water it needs to stop they should use there vaccines on all the corrupt politicians ask yourself why doesn’t Obama get his children vaccinated.

  5. Yep true, and how is that going to help us? Do you want to know their justification for these toxic ingredients in vaccines? They claim that our immune systems are SO EFFECTIVE and deal with these viruses SO WELL that the virus in the vaccine is destroyed by your immune system.. so they must DESTROY your immune system just to get you affected by the virus. Ridiculous right?

  6. And then there are all of the open admissions from top globalists that they want to depopulate and that they will use vaccines, food and other methods to force this onto the population while telling everyone it is a good thing through mainstream media, all of which is connected through various groups like Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission and other illegal meetings. Fun fact: Bill Gates Funds Nano-Cloth Whose Fibers Deliver Contraceptive and HIV Drugs

  7. If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn’t give my babies/kids even ONE vaccine, they are toxic. I didn’t know this stuff when I was younger, wish I had. I would feed them only quality foods and juices, that is the best and only way to prevent disease! This takes a lot of courage……Good Luck!

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Come and join the tribe of 50.000 people who are free & alive. Get free weekly tips to start your journey!