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Plant-Based Raw Food Diet for Beginners


Eating healthily and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a journey. For some the journey is very difficult. If you are already used to eating processed food and do not have strong willpower you will find yourself addicted to refined sugars.

Plant Based Raw Food Diet for BeginnersThe problem is that many people do not understand how introduce variety in a raw food diet so that you can continue to eat it without feeling like you are suffering or taking medicine!  So given below is a plant-based raw food diet for beginners.

Find Gourmet Raw Food Recipes

It does not matter what type of food you enjoy, you can always find a healthy alternative to it. Search the internet and look for books that have healthy alternatives for your favorite food. So what if you enjoy chocolates, pasta and ice cream?  Books like 70 Best Raw Food Recipes provide you a variety of healthy alternatives for your favorite food.

Have Juices and Smoothies

These two liquids are not only satisfying they are also the most healthy foods you can consume. You can easily get all the nutrients you need and when you make juices you extract all the nutrients from the plant and drink them in a super-condensed, easily-digestible form. You will not feel hungry and you will not feel the need to eat again soon after you’ve had a smoothie or juice.

Nutrient-rich green juiceStop Limiting yourself

The Standard American Diet is low in nutrients and for this reason we end up eating more.  Hunger is simply your body’s cry for nutrients.  So we eat more and more “empty” food in order to try and fulfill the needs of our body. With a plant- based raw food diet for beginners you do not have to worry about this as you will get all the nutrients your body requires by just eating a small amount of food.

Check Labels

Never go for the packaging design of the food you are buying at the supermarket! Before you put the beautiful packaging in your cart, flip it over and read the label. Avoid any artificial flavoring or sugar alternatives that are used in most processed foods.  General rule of thumb is that if you don’t know what the ingredient is then you shouldn’t be eating it in the first place!  So keep it simple!

Social Aspects of a Raw Food Diet

Gourmet raw food!Many people who go on a raw food diet have to put up with a series of annoying questions and doubtful stares. You can avoid being one of these people by simply using the recipe link given above. If your friends invite you for a dinner or lunch over the weekend, then make something healthy and tasty and let them eat and decide on their own if the food they are eating is good!

Another thing you must avoid is preaching the raw food diet to others. You are a beginner with this plant-based raw food diet and you cannot preach its many advantages until you have done this for at least a year.  Generally it is best to lead by example anyway – once you start looking and feeling good with loads of energy people will become curious and want to know your secret anyway!  This is a far more effective way of spreading the benefits of a raw food diet!

Harvest your Own Food

Young Woman Watering Her GardenIf you are on a budget and you cannot afford to buy raw food then you should go and harvest your own food. You can grow your own greens and other fruit and veg. This way, the food you eat will be healthier and you will not have to worry about the food being non-organic.  With the food growing right in front of you, you can pick it and consume it whenever you want and it is always super-fresh and bursting with life-energy!  There are lots of amazing raw superfoods out there to be enjoyed once you can afford to – but the real magic is in greens, consumed as fresh as possible.  So, keep it simple, cut out the rubbish, introduce more greens into your diet and just watch the magic happen!

Don’t go raw overnight!

Cut out the junk!

First cut out the junk!

Lastly, if you are going on a 100% plant-based raw food as a beginner, you need to slow it down a bit. You should try to accomplish a 100% raw food diet in small steps.   First of all try to reduce the amount of alcohol, meat and sugars that you take in.  Then add in more raw foods to your diet and gradually you can go on to become a 100% raw food eater without shocking your system overnight with the massive detox that occurs if you move too fast with this!  By sticking to a good plant-based raw food diet for beginners you will be able to stick to the diet for a longer period time and in turn you will feel so much healthier.



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  1. hello from Turkey! I’ve just recently discovered your channel on youtube. Thank you for the tons of useful information. I’m on the way to my raw food life style, been going through some struggles with myself and I’m working to make it through ’cause I know I’m on the right way

  2. Very good advice, I like the fact you are so understanding about other people changing to more raw foods. I’m not 100% raw, I eat the food my Mom makes when I go up to see her, and she always sends me away with food when I leave. I will enjoy her food as long as I can. But, I would say I’m about 70 to 75% raw. I just bought a Blendtec and have found it much easier to get more nutrients into my diet. I love drinking in raw healthy smoothies. Thanks for the recipes too.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I have been considering raw food & it was good to hve you say don’t try to go 100% but slow & just try to increase the amount of raw food in your diet! Thanks so much! I really enjoy your videos!

  4. Love ur videos Ka! You love us all where we are at in our raw food & health journey & don’t try to intimidate or make us guilty for not being 100% raw. I also love you have kids that are raw. Makes feeding my baby high raw not so nerve wracking xoxo

  5. I tried being vegan and fell terribly sick twice (never been sick before) and my skin got just awful! I think it really depends on where you live and what kind of person you are. Im a vegetarian and I appreciate anyone following the vegan diet, but I do eat organic eggs and dairy products simply because I feel better that way.

  6. I cant wait till spring! I have 2 raised beds out back one is clear and then I have one that still has carrots, spinach and kale, dwarf pomegranate tree, 5 blueberry bushes, a huge Dino Kale plant/tree? and then raspberries. LOL then I have tons…TONS of seedlings I grew from seed like:garlic chive, Brussels sprout, purple cauliflower, red winter kale,blue dwarf kale, walking stick Kale, black krim tomato, purple tomato, Swiss char, Dwarf papaya, squash, Mexican sour gherkin..and more 😀

  7. Thanks for your reply, I’m happy to see I’m not the only one, We only get one Mum, so, I figure I’m going to enjoy her and her cooking as long as she is still here.

  8. Hallo ka sundace und famile ~ ihr werdet euch warscheinlich freuen das mann euch sogar in Israel sieht . wir bekommen von eure vidioes viel information und inspiration . viellen viellen dank !!! macht weiter so ….

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Come and join the tribe of 50.000 people who are free & alive. Get free weekly tips to start your journey!