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Raw Food Without a Dehydrator


A dehydrator is a tool that uses low temperatures and a fan to dry food. It essentially removes the water from food, but it keeps the enzymes of your raw food intact.  While a dehydrator certainly add options and variety to your diet it is entirely possible to have raw food without a dehydrator.

In my opinion dehydrated foods are not the easiest thing for your body to digest: it’s not the closest thing to nature. Essentially you don’t have the water content and that means it’s not the ideal food. That being said, I think dehydrated foods are a great way to transition to raw food, and even as a great gluten-free treat.

Raw Food Without a DehydratorMost of the dehydrated foods can replace the textures and tastes of the most addictive foods like bread, cookies, and chips. Who wouldn’t want that? Most dehydrators come with a temperature setting, and as long as you are dehydrating at temperatures below 112-118F you’ll be keeping your ingredients “raw”.

With a dehydrator you can make a wide range of raw foods like cookies, crackers, cinnamon rolls, wraps, breads, fruit roll ups, and more. You can make after school snacks for your kids. One can eat raw food without dehydrator as well.

For people who are really sick of looking for a healthy diet or someone who is looking to cleanse the body – A dehydrator would not quite work. Everyone else can use a dehydrator, there are many junk foods that most of us eat on a regular basis that by using a dehydrator would prove to be successful if one is following a healthy approach.

Raw Food Without a Dehydrator

Dehydrated food in itself isn’t healthy or unhealthy. Dehydrated food is only as healthy as the food it was made out of. If you dry out a very unhealthy food it will still remain unhealthy, while dried fruits and vegetables are very healthy in dried forms. Dehydrated food is made by heating fresh food up over low heat for a long period of time, until the moisture level of the food has been reduced to between 3 and 5 percent.

As a food preservation method, dehydration is one of the healthiest methods. When compared to canned foods dehydrated food has much more to offer. The easiest method of drying food is through air drying. With air drying food is simply hung up to dry in a dark, well ventilated environment. Over the course of a few weeks all of the moisture leaves the food. This method is usually used with herbs and spices and they can last months or even years once dried.

Food can be dried in a standard oven by propping the oven door open and setting the oven on the lowest setting. This drying process only takes between two and four hours but it is one of the most expensive methods of drying food.

A food dehydrator is one of the most cost effective ways to dry out your food. In a dryer the food is placed on several different racks and air is heated and blown over the trays of food for between six and 12 hours. Over this period of time the food will become very dry without wasting a large amount of energy like other methods. If you are looking to maintain a healthy diet, a dehydrator would be a good option along with a raw food recipe book like 70 Best Raw Food Recipes.



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  1. I have not purchased a dehydrator yet as I have a small kitchen and they are quite large. I use my convection oven on the lowest heat with the door left ajar or just dry some foods in a basket on a window ledge…I do find you need to drink a lot of water when eating dehydrated foods, I generally prefer fresh. Thanks for your view :)

  2. Thanks for your work ! To avoid falling in the consumerism trap again by buying a dehydrator (which will be designed to last 13 or 14 months 😉 , the next question to ask ourself might be : if I really need one, how can I build one ? Fortunately, Internet is full of hints about it :-)

  3. Love your videos, Ka! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us. I need to change my diet and start exercising. I will check out your e-books. :)

  4. What i really….think about is that this excalibur…and all this new…..dehydrated……are totally made out of plastic!!! RREALLY dont think anybody about that!…this wonderful food……do in a box……and give them plastic wind…for 1 or 2 days?…even…its declareted…as healthy..plastik…..THATS NONSENS..there is no healthy Plastik…..!!!!…watch…..the plastic planet!!!….So PLEASE MADE YOUR OWN!!! or without plastik stuff….

  5. Danke Ka! I’ve recently found you on YouTube and subscribed. I’m starting on a gluten free journey and didn’t know where to start and I found one of your videos. Now I enjoy browsing through your many helpful topics. I admire you for embracing freedom and adventure with your beautiful family. Keep up the good work. Prima! Sabina (in Melbourne, Australia)

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Come and join the tribe of 50.000 people who are free & alive. Get free weekly tips to start your journey!