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Self-care and Self-Medication: The Truth about Healthy Habits


Many of you, in the case of a simple ailment, might reach for your medicine cabinet and grab a few pills that you know are generally recommended for such symptoms without much thought. In the Western society, we often camouflage unhealthy habits under the idea of doing oneself some good. We tend to make excuses for unwholesome eating and drinking habits (eating fat-filled foods, drinking or smoking) by claiming that it gives us pleasure or is merely an occasional treat.

healthy habitsThere’s a dark side to self care and self medication: the truth about what is healthy is very different from what it seems. It seems strange that people have been conditioned to believe and even claim that there is something good about such harmful habits. Yet, it is a disturbingly true reality of modern life.

Good eating habits are seen as something terrible and difficult – healthy foods are often regarded as something undesirable that one often undertakes only in order to get quick results. Once those results have been achieved, most people simply prefer going back to their earlier unhealthy habits of eating and living, thus completely undoing the benefits they might have gotten from their diet and the healthy habits.

Do Not Be Lured by Commercials

Advertisements are aimed at showcasing products as something alluring and worth buying. Harmful products such as cigarettes and alcohol are still given a free reign to be advertised on television in many countries. There are also a number of fast food chains, which advertise claiming that their products are good for health, when in reality they are nowhere close to being so. Glossy commercials can have an adverse impact on impressionable minds and it is important to not take such ads at face value.

Pleasure Eating is not Healthy

A glass of red wine, a fat slice of cheese laden pizza or a cigarette, they are often cited as occasional pleasures, which are necessary for life. However, it is just an excuse for cultivating an unhealthy habit. You may think you’re just having wine occasionally, but in reality you may be finishing an entire bottle of it each time. In the long-run occasional treats can add up to a significant portion of your lifestyle.

Research What Your Are Eating

It is important to know the nature of the ingredients that make up the food that you are eating. If advertisements are to be believed, everything is full of nutritious elements, but if you research carefully, you will find that it is hardly ever so. On the contrary, it is usually the products that are not advertised, which turn out to be more beneficial for your health.

healthy habitsGo Organic

If you truly want to live a healthy life, let go of the myth that one must always eat whatever brings them pleasure. Such an outlook is gradually plunging people towards a detrimental lifestyle and eating habits. Instead join the small but steadily increasing group of crusaders who understand and appreciate the value of healthy eating. Opt for organic foods and indulge in activities such as yoga and meditation, which will improve your mind and body.

Caring for oneself is important but one must understand that it cannot be undertaken by indulging in harmful habits disguised as pleasurable experiences. Instead, it is beneficial to cultivate healthy habits and discover their true value.



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  1. I’d like to believe in your vision. But you can’t make big dollar on it and so it’s never gonna happen. The wealthy want to exploit us as much as possible for as long as possible. Good videos anyway :) I’m just curious why you seem to need to do a juice cleanse so often. Isn’t the raw lifestyle ITSELF the cleanse? Anyway

  2. Ka Most of the food, hype and advertising are designed to anaesthetise people. Junk food, junk media, junk entertainment. Quick fixes for this and for that, everything created to abdicate people of the responsibility for there own health and well being. A population brainwashed at every turn by insidious means to keep them compliant. Only the people who notice you Ka and want to feel good happy and healthy will see through you a way to achieve it.

  3. The things people comment on raw food life style you talk about made me laugh…so true…that’s why it is so good to have people like you around!

  4. I was just talking about this the other day, that I often hear parents say to their children that they can have a ‘treat’ if they behave, yet the ‘treats’ are poisonous and unhealthy! It doesn’t make sense! A true treat would be foods that benefit the body!

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Come and join the tribe of 50.000 people who are free & alive. Get free weekly tips to start your journey!