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The top seven super foods to boost your mood!!


Super foods to boost your mood are high in nutrients, excellent sources of antioxidants and are very rich in essential nutrients. They are those foods that are proclaimed to provide extreme sources of nourishment for your body.

The seven Super foods to boost your mood are:

1. Dark Green Leaf Veggie Juice –  Dark green leafy vegetables and herbs are a good source of calcium and magnesium. These are both essential for healthy teeth and bones. These foods are high in mineral content, vitamins, protein. Everything one needs to stay healthy and fit.

2. Maca (Root) – It is one of the most ancient super food that has been used for thousands of years in Peru.  It’s really beneficial for women as it levels and balances your hormones, it is also been used to treat fertility issues and women who consume Maca report of having a healthy menstrual cycle. However it s important to know that it should be taken in moderation for optimal results.

3. Raw Cacao –  It is a super food that grows in the tropics. Raw chocolate or cacao contains a long list of unique properties and beneficial minerals that can really help to fire up your health. In addition to making you happier and more positive, raw cacao can focus your attention and make you more alert. Like regular chocolate it can also make you feel like you’re in love. Raw cacao contains high concentrations of protein, calcium, phosphate, and other minerals which have been shown to have beneficial effects on tooth enamel! Who knew chocolate could protect our teeth! But there are many other nutritional benefits of eating raw cacao, especially if it’s grown organically.

4. Chia Seeds – Chia seeds contribute to a healthy heart because they aid in lowering blood pressure. These seeds contain essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3. Our body is unable to produce its own essential fatty acids but these are very essential in supporting our nervous, immune, reproductive, and cardiovascular systems.

5. Algaes – Blue green Algaes are super foods found in the ocean which are known to be the base of life as they have been here for a very long time before human existence.  It has a very high chlorophyll content which is detoxifying and helps binds toxins in your system which affect your mood. It is high in minerals, proteins and vitamins which is important for you to stay healthy.

6. Bananas – They are available in abundance at the tropical belt around the globe. They have different varieties of bananas in the tropics. Bananas contain serotonin which stimulates your well being, they also contain magnesium, calcium, vitamins. It is very cheap and affordable and available mostly everywhere. It is natural and non processed so it’s really good for you.

7. Goji Berries – Everybody who is enthusiastic about their own health should recognize that Goji berries offer positive aspects. They are recognized to assist with the immunity process and manage vital defense systems within the body. They are also used in wines with grapes. These berries remedy your wellbeing and keep you healthy and balanced. They are available in almost every health food store.

These were the top seven super foods to boost your mood. Do include these super foods to your daily diet in order to stay healthy and fit.



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  1. Hi Ka, I eat chia seeds every day in my juices and sprinkled over juicy fruits like watermelon and tomatoes as they soak up all that juicyness, get nice and plump. In a smoothie they add creaminess by thickening up the mix. I was wondering if they are good to eat sprouted. I am going to try it this week but wondered if it would be worth the trouble as they are so tiny. Have you tried this? I really enjoy sprouted mung beans and lentils so i’d love to know what you think. Isi

  2. You forgot a few I know hempseeds are a great superfood coconuts even some mushrooms like shitake, rishi for there medicinal qualities and for b12 and selenium.If for whatever reason I’m in a crunch I use vitamineral green wildcrafted superfood in my fruit smoothies I believe its the best super food blend on the market.

  3. So u r no longer living in Costa Rica? How long do u want to stay in Thailand? I’ve watched so many of your videos today as i was researching Costa Rica. I really love all your shows!! I love your energy, exuberance, and what you share and how you share it, Thank you~!

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Come and join the tribe of 50.000 people who are free & alive. Get free weekly tips to start your journey!