Tamara Fana
Olli and Lara Horlacher
Julie Cara Hoffenberg
Maya Saada
Patricia & Mathias
Denise Rudolph
Katharina & Nils Sporleder
Véronique Papillon
Artur Thomalla
Ingo Lienemann
Irina and Sigi Kurowski
Lena and Camilo
Michael Botta
Michael Shellard

I am really thankful to Ka for his time of raw coaching.

It helped me isolate my blocks to success, and together we worked through strategies for growth and development. I found this time a truly life changing and life enhancing event.

I KNOW that I will look back to that meeting and say to myself 'that was the turning point'.

Ka was very supportive and encouraging of my plans to do stuff in the raw food world, around tv shows in different languages and plans to use my horticultural training.

Helen W.
London, UK

My wife and I want to thank you for the beautiful e-mails you send to us about the beauty of living foods and the magical wonders of spending time outdoors in Nature. I personally want to let you know how grateful we are, and I'm sure many others feel this way. You are a good teacher with a lot of love in your heart, and I know you were meant to be here on Earth to teach this.

Jay and Linda Kordich sold almost a billion dollars worth of his famous Juiceman Juicer. Jay is 86 years young and lives together with his wife and 2 sons in the USA.


Jay and Linda Kordich

I just want to thank you for your personal business coaching.The call gave me lots of inspiration and most of all a very good plan in "what to do now". Now I've got so much more a clear view in what to do and most of all how to reach my goal.

Now I can see my successful way very clear and colourful. I just don't feel so helpless anymore. Biggest thanks for you help.

Nadine F.
Filderstadt, Germany

Ka's program is a comprehensive and practical step by step guide into starting your own internet business. Basic information is given on all relevant subjects with handy links to useful websites. A very, very good tool which I will certainly use to start my own business.

Sandra Keen

Ka manages to over and over again find that inner core… he touches that inner core of myself - who I truly am - to bring out my special gifts and help me with the realization of how to manifest them. He asks the right questions and I can attest that what he does comes straight from the heart!


Alex Greve
Zurich, Switzerland

Ka is an incredible human being, with a strong will to help others and also humanity as a whole. As a coach he’s quite gifted indeed, particularly at getting you to delve deep into your mind and soul to ask yourself, “What is it you REALLY want to do with your life, how can you get there fast and what’s holding you back?”


Anna Rodgers
London, UK

I’ve had the idea to start an online business for quite some time, but just didn’t know where to start. A brief attempt some time ago was leading me nowhere, as I didn’t know HOW and where I wanted to go. Ka and Katie’s program has helped me so much to get a clear picture of what I really want. Finally I was able to start a website, to use YouTube and Facebook properly and to gain subscribers. A big thanks for everything :)


Iris Macedo
Mexico City

After speaking with Ka, I decided I would see what he’s got to offer as a coach and see if HE would be the one to help me take things up a notch for myself. As much as I love my life and am thrilled by what I do, it’s great to have someone who’s willing to help you raise the bar a bit. Talking with Ka was like tapping into an electrical socket of inspiration. I told him during the call what an inspiration he was and he had the best response ever!


Tera Warner

If you're looking for ideas on how to expand your business and make more money, Ka definitely has good advice to offer. With Ka’s advice, making the next move for your business is easy! He gave us a good direction and plan. Thanks Ka for making the consultation very efficient by being radically honest and telling us what we needed to hear!


Timothy, Nathanael & Daniel Eisenmann
Georgia, USA

How nice! Thank you for your passionate words! During the last weeks, I came so close to you and the people in the Business School. This is an incomparable experience. When there are so many people who live for their purpose and fight for beautiful Mother Earth, then powerful energy arises… Gaya power. Thank you, dear Ka, for helping us to “give birth” to our ideas and making all this possible.


Christina Malina
Berlin, Germany

This session was absolutely the best ever, as they’re always even better than the last ones. It really feels good to me that we got deeper into this part of my life. They’re wonderfully diverse coaching sessions. Who could have thought I’d get so much out of this, so much more than I imagined. The amount I paid is nothing compared to this! Thank you so much, Ka!

Sabine Calis
Amsterdam, Holland

I signed up to Ka’s programme and was very surprised by how thorough the information provided was. I was able to get started with my business very quickly and had feedback and support from Ka consistently. It’s easy to follow and is well worth the price paid. Ka is a great coach who’s very inspiring with lots of positive energy. Always there to help and support you. I definitely recommend him!

Lisa Tayler

Dear Ka and Katie, Hello everyone! We’ve listened to and read the 3rd module today and we wanted to share our goose bump feeling and “a big thank you to Ka and Katie”. Already now, after two weeks, Karen and I are incredibly grateful for the opportunity that Ka and Katie have offered us.


Karen and Alberto
Heroldsberg, Germany

Dear Ka, Particularly from your last words I got goose bumps. Thank you so much for this wonderful video. Since I’ve joined the Business School, my life has changed dramatically. I would never have believed that I would get to know so many marvelous people who think in the same way as me. I’m eternally grateful to you.


Karen Decker
Bedburg, Germany

Blessings and thanks to Ka for helping me to sharpen my Focus and Grow in my ability so I’m better able to reach out with my Passions, thereby helping to fulfil my Purpose of growing in loving service. I can highly recommend Ka Sundance’s service to anyone who has a heart based business and is serious about making an impact in the world.


Chris Kendall
Saskatoon, Canada

You Rock Ka. Thank you so much for all you do. 20 days down and I’ve never felt so alive. I look forward to my journey embracing life through raw live foods. The word is spreading. People are ready for the truth in eating for life. You both are my inspiration. Thank you Ka also for your e-zine, so inspirational and informative.


Larry Murphy Burbank
California, USA

Ka’s service is put together with amazingly cutting-edge material, which really allows you to start an Internet business fast. What’s special about Ka’s business service isn’t only his status as an expert or his generosity with insider knowledge, it’s especially his authenticity and love with everything he does. I wholeheartedly recommend Ka Sundance’s business service and wish Ka and his family all the best and lots of success!

Perth, Australia

Big THANK YOU Ka!!! You left me so inspired and confident in just that short time! I’m still amazed by the inspiration you gave me. Right away you believed in my passion and purpose on this Earth and this gives me enough strength to believe I can live my passion fully as my truth and as my main source of income.

Lise-Lotte Acquah

You and your family GIVE ME SO MUCH INSPIRATION! I LOVE to see your family so healthy and happy! I really feel connected with you in your videos, you have a great talent and voice. You are a lovely being! And simply I want to say THANK YOU for everything you’re doing.

Rich Bautista
Tarragona, Spain

My husband and I enjoyed a coaching session with Ka Sundance recently. He is extremely intuitive, practical, kind and helpful. He has a wonderful coaching technique and makes you feel very comfortable and “meets” you where you are in your personal progress. He’s also very thorough and has a gift for getting to the root of your issues.

Roland and Evelyn Fassett
Nevada City, USA

My highest recommendations for “The SundanceFamily Business School”. You get clear structures and helpful guidelines, lots of first hand practical experience and a sincere openness with countless authentic videos of someone, who has done all this himself and is very successful with it!

Anneli Karlsten Montin

I just wanted to say thank you, I’m not in the same place as you but I’m veering in the right direction and families like yourself give me extreme hope that there is the possibility of a world out there where people love unconditionally and want to give and reach out to total strangers like brothers and sisters. Big love to you all. You’re doing great things.

Charity Thistleton

Dear Ka, Thank you for the precious information you shared on Tuesday. Part 3 of the course is really brilliant, especially the topic of using interviews to support each other and communicate our message even more efficiently to the world.


Peter Wulle
Frankfurt, Germany

I just watched your video answering all of my questions. It brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Thank you so much for taking your time and doing this. You all are doing such a wonderful job conveying information in such a loving, natural way.


Elaine Schwerdtfeger
Alpine, USA

I have fallen in love with your family!!! I wish I could give all your children a big hug! Thanks so much for sharing, it helps to not feel so isolated, raising children with this kind of a diet…MUCH LOOOOOVE.

Maggie Rally
California, USA

Thank you so much for the wonderfully informative free ebook that you sent me! What a pleasure it is to connect with you all. I enjoy your videos so much, it’s such important information that you’re giving! Many blessings to you!

Michelle K
Connecticut, USA

Wow! Look at everything I’ve accomplished in the last few weeks. Me, an avowed techno-phobic! Ka, if you can teach me how to create a website and an online business, you can teach ANYONE!!


Susan Bessette
Virginia, USA

You’re a true inspiration, Ka Sundance! We’re so grateful to have connected with you at just the perfect time. Thank you for your insight, expertise, guidance, enthusiasm and support.


Suzanne & Marcela
Washington DC, USA

The book “Raising Healthy Children” was very inspirational for us and also educational. I credit The SundanceFamily as some of the pioneers who were guides for my family on our journey. Delicious recipes too!


Tricia Mo`orea
Hawaii, USA

Ka is great for going with you to deep places and dealing with what’s there, then feeling for the thread that leads out to the light. Ka gets it. He’s clear and straightforward, loving and inspiring.

Maria Andrews
London, UK

Ka, I loved how much fun we had with the coaching! Thank you for the wonderful questions and insight, you’re a beautiful man and will bless anyone who has the pleasure of being coached by you.

Nicole Goodwin
California, USA

Thank you so much for your inspiring words. I am so glad to be a member of this group and I’m looking forward to us working together in the future.

Petra Sieg

My experience with Ka Sundance and his coaching program was very helpful. I’m ever grateful for his hanging in there with me and pushing me forward to a better realization of my life.

Polly Peterson

I did one month of coaching with Ka Sundance. AMAZINGLY special!

Tamara Fana

Just a big Thank You for your wonderful books, they’re magnificent.

Vanessa Bufham

Thank you Ka for such a wonderful session! I left feeling so light and infused with extraordinary confidence. You’re so kind to offer your loving energy in this way, and help with the beautiful transformation of this world.

Anya Zama
Santa Barbara, USA

Dear Ka, Dear Katie,

My journey began in September last year, when I was sitting at my computer in front of the Business School button, hit return and threw my last doubts over board. It was a jump into the deep end, but the waters turned out to be quite warm and loving. I came to the Business School with ideas, dreams, and my heartfelt vision. I was insecure, anxious, curious and full of confidence to be doing the right thing.
Without you or the community I would have never dared to take this path, I wouldn’t have stayed on course without the permanent encouragement and support - words can’t even express how thankful I am for this.

My blog was growing rapidly and I also discovered Youtube for myself.

It feels like such a long journey, which really only just began. But still my life turned around at 180 degrees, thanks to your impulses and solidarity.

I have taken the kids out of school and kindergarten and we’ll be leaving the country this summer with our vintage fire truck to travel the world. Digital nomads with a vision, in unison with our hearts and most importantly, no matter where we go, always united with our kids. We have no destinations in mind, people that I met thanks to the Business School and through my congress will be our travel companions – we just follow our nose and we’re finally living a life that feels alive and right.

As my anticipation grows, I don’t want to forget about my gratitude, but hereby pass it on to you.

The meet-up in Berlin felt so good and I am happy that I was able to talk to you for a moment. I wholeheartedly want to thank you for being in this world, for initiating my personal journey and for being there with me along the way."

Katharina Walter, location-independent, www.meingeliebteskind.com

Alternative guidance for parents from the beginning – relation instead of education.

Katharina Walter
Location independent

Dear Katie and Ka, we’d like to thank you with all our heart for your support! By changing to a vegan diet rich in vital nutrients and simultaneously starting the Business School, we turned our life completely around in a short period of time.

Especially during this last month, we’ve made 13,000 EUR with our online event, “Veganer Fitness Kongress 2015” (Vegan Fitness Conference 2015) which we had organized with your help.

This month, we have gained an additional sum of 4,000 EUR with it. And now it’s our turn to start with the path of freedom. We will travel Southern Europe with our campervan for an indefinite time while working from everywhere on the globe and live from our online business.

We’re finally experiencing the “big luxury” of doing good and being passionate about our work, all while being financially free.


Olli and Lara Horlacher
Aalen, Germany

Ka Sundance is a profound teacher. But beyond that, he’s a magnificent person.

I don’t believe life coaches can be good teachers if they aren’t full of goodness, authentic caring, and a true will to see us succeed. Ka is all of this and more.

When I started my first coaching session, I had the strong belief that I wanted to bring my gifts, my light, to the world. But I just didn’t have a defined avenue to manifest that. In just a few weeks, I already created my own website (after believing I had no clue how to work with technology).

I have stepped into my power and the realization that I’m now in alignment with the gifts I wish to channel. I will forever be grateful to Ka for his powerful business coaching sessions, his belief in my gifts, and his never-ending support.

These next few weeks, as I finish my coaching sessions, will be so full of excitement and continued learning! I can’t wait!


Julie Cara Hoffenberg

To be quite honest, before I started this program I was completely stuck and unable to carry my message into the world. On top of that, I hardly generated any income with what I was doing.

That’s why I started following you and learned how to do all that - how to write and distribute newsletters, how to blog, create a website, and how to develop and offer products. Now I’m selling my first e-book that I just finished, I’m hosting an online radio show “Raw Living Radio” and was even interviewed by another radio channel!

Thanks to your training I now have so much more influence in this global community. Thank you Ka!


Clementine Libre

Before we knew about Ka´s Business School we built an internet portal about self-healing investing a lot of time and money in this project. Our idea was to have an information platform to give support to a lot of people – but we didn´t know anything about Online-Business and Marketing.

Before the big turning point, we were getting frustrated because all our efforts seemed to be in vain. We had a lot of doubts about our project but we wanted to follow our hearts.

And we didn´t know what we had to do. Just in the right moment, we heard about Ka and his Business School. That was what we needed! A few months later we took the plunge to make our best decision ever! We subscribed to his business program!

After our first self-healing online summit, we had learned about the big potential capacity of this system. A little bit later we started the second self-healing online summit. Currently, we have almost 13,000 subscribers on our email list and we´d never imagined this before!

Our sales figures are awesome!

The total sales volume of the first summit: about 16,000 € (gross)
Sales volume of the second summit: 36,000 € (gross)

It´s amazing to be able to help so many people!

Ka showed us how it is possible. We appreciate especially the good motivation that he gave us to get this invaluable mindset. He took away our doubts and encouraged us to follow our plan. He was the support and attendance that we needed so much!

Now we have not only a meaningful occupation but also more time to spend as a family with our children. Without Ka, his Business School and Mastermind Program we would not be where we are!
Thank you so much!


Christian Müller and Sandra Stengg
Vienna, Austria

Ka’s business school changed my life. Thanks to his course and his continuous support I was able to get going. Four months after starting his business school, I was able to make about $15,000 in sales with my summit. On top of that, I built a list of 3,500 engaged subscribers who are happily spreading my message. Now I can live my life the way I want to doing what I love, living as an expat in a tropical country, having a garden in Bali and growing my own food. I highly recommend Ka’s business school for everyone who wants to start their own heart-based online business.


Dear Katie & Ka,

I would like to say big thanks to you from the bottom of my heart. You as family and Ka as a speaker are such a big supporters, role models and inspiration for me, to get on with my own ventures.

Although I do not have an online-business, a family of 7 or plans to travel the world, I can take so much out of your enthusiastic speeches for my day to day life. And that's exactly why I wanted to let you know, that thanks to your work, I have received so much reinforcement and inspiration to change my way of thinking for my "offline business" and for my little "trendsetter family".

I especially like the structure of your webinars and speeches Ka, as they are always realigned around a specific topic with great, straight out of life examples that you present beautifully, thanks to your authentic, confident and empathetic way of speaking.

I also want to thank Katie, as I know how much my husband supports me, without anyone seeing it on the outside.

Many thanks to you once again, keep up the great work and keep on getting better ;-).

I wish you health, happiness and always exciting new goals.

Andrea Lindemann
Leipzig, Germany

On my search for a family who's living their values, I came across the SundanceFamily. I have always been very interested in a healthy, happy lifestyle. They have not only inspired me to live my dreams even more, like to travel more, but to also lead health-promoting projects, which has always been and still is a big dream of mine. I've completed both the business school and the congress system. These systems are suited for anyone wanting to learn how to reach thousands of people with their heart-project and share their knowledge. I am still earning 5-figure incomes with my timeless knowledge to date. My last projects were the first meditation congress and the bilingual first heal-revolution. I am so grateful and excited about my future, to create even more great projects and to be working with amazing cooperation partners and clients from all over the world.

Thanks so much for your work Ka Sundance, may you inspire even more people to go their own way.


Christine Giner

One week ago I finally took a leap of faith and enrolled for the Freedom Bundle. Straight away I started with the Mindset-Program and completed it in record time. Not because I wanted to rush into it, but because I already knew about a lot of it. Everything you say Ka, is so incredibly valuable and it's put into words very nicely. I was already familiar with a lot of things and I have learned to use these techniques, which have definitely saved me.

It was incredibly powerful to have everything put into clear words once again. Words that are wisely chosen, honest and straight from the heart. I can really feel that you, Ka, live by what you preach and that you are honest and care about people. What you deliver is your heart-project and this amazing positive energy is present in everything you do. The clear structure is also very helpful to once again gather your thoughts.

It was also very meaningful for me to see, that there are other people out there who are thinking just like myself. Oftentimes I feel alone with my way of thinking, but here I feel like I'm in good hands and I am now invigorated to start with the business school. It was also very important for me to spend time inside your Facebook Group to experience the benevolent and loving support of the other members. You are in this great community of like-minded people, there is no jealousy or competition, and I believe you have created a very valuable thing here. And this community even goes beyond the internet into the real life, which we have seen during the recent tribe meet-up in Thailand.

All of this has given us as a family even more assurance to leave the country in 2018 - as soon as my husband finishes his master school - and to move to Asia. All of this has taken away a lot of my fears and I now know that we are on the right path. I want to thank you for this from the bottom of my heart. I am now full of energy and ready to take on the business school.

Svenja Loewe

Ka and Katie's business school has completely transformed our lives for the better.

Even though we could not even imagine how we could possibly build a working online business, as we had no technical knowledge, no financial resources let alone a lot of time, but the genius system of the Do What You Love Business school was like a helping hand which allowed us to go our way step by step. In less than about a year Stepan was able to quit his job and we could put even more time and effort into it.

After receiving great feedback on our two e-books, we decided to also publish them in print, which turned out to be a huge success: 1000 copies were sold before they had even come out of the printing press!

Ever since, we are selling new copies almost daily and what's even nicer: every day we receive excited messages from our fans, thanking us and sending us so many good wishes. This gives us the power and energy for more projects.

Meanwhile, we are able to make a very good living with our online business as a family of 6.

Thank you so much for everything, Ka and Katie!

Stepan and Melanie


Stepan and Melanie
Eisenach, Germany

Dear Ka, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your laser coaching on the topics of sales and marketing, in regards to my financial abundance congress. Your tips and advice was absolutely spot on and allowed me to really open myself! This was incredibly valuable for me! It has led to an increased turnover of several thousands of Euros and a much higher profit. I can't thank you enough for that! I couldn't have asked for a better and more goal-orientated coaching! All my best, Nils

Nils Sporleder
Finanzielle Fülle Kongress

Nils Sporleder

I feel deeply grateful and gifted for the things that are coming to me these days...
And thanks to the Business School, I am now finally able to pass all these gifts on to other people as well. The Business School led me into a world that was completely unknown to me and that I was subconsciously rejecting. 

The Business School really challenged me on so many levels. I reached more than my limit on the technical level and had no understanding of that area at all. My husband always reminded me of Ka’s words, when he said it’s more of a marathon rather than a sprint. As I have been a competitive athlete myself, this metaphor was very helpful for me. 

I learned to deal with a computer in my very own way. How to set up a Facebook page and to start posting. For many people this is nothing meaningful, but for me being a spiritual light-worker, it was a huge challenge to be moving around in this very different world. In a world, I never thought I’d have anything to do with. 

Through the posting I was confronted with new areas of myself that I didn’t even know were inside of me. The simple act of posting definitely gave me the chance to uncover this inner inaccessibility and allowed me to also improve my communication to be more freely inside open platforms.

It brought transparency to my doing. Suddenly I was able to speak and write very differently about my being and my practices and thanks to that I discovered an even bigger underlying pool of resources within me. 

In the meantime, my newsletters have become more of a present. I no longer look at them as a technical thing that I have to do. No, the creation of a newsletter has now turned into a creative artwork; I never know what comes out of it at the start. 

I let myself be guided by the light in this process, exactly as I do with my messages and teachings. I insert one picture after the other. Then I also change the language, the melody, so that it can lead us into this atmosphere where everything speaks to oneself, where everything is part of one big interaction. 

All of this is a huge blessing for me. My hands are no longer tied and thanks to that, my words can just flow through my keyboard out into the world, to all the people out there. Now I am no longer bound to only the people in my immediate area, who partly see the word Spirituality as a term of abuse.

Now I just want to say thank you so much Katie and Ka. 
I want to thank you for guiding me through this technical world in my very own way, which now allows me to unite these two worlds.

With deepest gratitude,

Karoline Steinmann Frey


Karoline Steinmann Frey
Versam, Switzerland

One of Ka's phrases had started everything: "Who do you think you are when you keep your knowledge to yourself and not helping others with it?" - All the sudden, everything fell into place. Why still hesitate? Why do an apprenticeship first? Just start! He's right!

I knew right away how "Zuckermonster" (my business) should be. Only the implementation was a big obstacle for me. Ka and Katie's Business School has not only helped with these first implementation steps but I have also received so many helpful tips and met so many people who have the same mindset as me. This was the perfect ground where everything could grow.

Today, I am helping sugar-addicted people to find their way into a sugar-free life. I am helping them to be happier people. At the same time, it helped me to be very happy myself as I finally do what I love. A win-win situation which helped me to grow financially as well, which makes it an actual triple-win!

Thank you so much, dear Sundance team! Thank you for your waking me up, encouragement, and motivation!


Ilga Pohlmann
Hannover, Germany

I'm a doctor (GP) and have always really appreciated the communication with people. Naturopathic treatments were growing on me more and more, particularly the mitochondrion subject (“power station of the cells”). For about 2 years I've been a member of Katie’s and Ka’s Business School and have started my website www.der-Mitochondrien-Doktor.de (as well as Facebook / YouTube). Last winter I had the chance to take part in Ka’s Online Congress System.

Ka’s program was absolutely essential and the breakthrough for me. Why? First of all, it covers very important mind-set topics, which is something I really struggled with.

Honestly: without this coaching, I would have not even been capable of taking on such a massive task. There is just so much to do, from all the technical aspects to holding interviews, etc.

To keep it short: I am so proud that I finally made it, I have almost 4.500 leads (contacts) and generated approx. 9.000 EUR turnover. The feedback was 100% positive, and from my point of view actually extremely positive, and I already have ideas for the second congress in my head, as the first one is definitely the hardest, and once you have overcome this hurdle, you will be surprised at the doors that open up for you.

I want to thank Katie and Ka Sundance from the bottom of my heart for their incredible, warm and highly qualified guidance throughout our time together. It was a wonderful shared journey leading up to my congress. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!


Dr. Rudolf Bolzius, Doctor and “Mitochondrion-Doctor"
Wegberg, Germany

Thank you so much dear Katie and Ka.

About 8 months ago, we were a very normal family. The husband went to work, the wife was alone at home. We hardly ever saw each other and were very unhappy. We didn't have a blog, a website or anything!

Then we decided to join the Business School, started our own online business and very quickly ended up in the mastermind online congress program.

With your help we were then able to plan and hold a very successful online congress ("Die Abnehm-Revolution" = "the weight-loss revolution") within a matter of only a few months.

We managed to gain over 6,000 new email subscribers and started out with only 80, even though we encountered technical difficulties along the way!

Sigi quit his job, we bought a mobile home and now we are traveling through Europe with our kids, as a location independent, digital nomad family, staying wherever we'd like to.

Ever since holding the congress, we are now able to live full time off our online business. We generate a very reliable, comfortable monthly income which completely finances us.

We have all the time in the world and can finally do what we love, living our lives in freedom and in unison with the needs of our kids. Finally we are stress free and can breathe again!

Thank you so much dear Katie and Ka. Without you, none if this would have been possible, particularly not within a time frame of only a few months!"


Irina and Sigi Kurowski
Krefeld, Germany

Thank you so much Ka and Katie!

A few months ago we had nothing. No business, no products, no fans. Zero.

Thanks to the work with yourselves and your program, in just about 12 weeks we managed to plan and hold a super successful congress and starting our location independent online-business, which was the “Hochsensibilitätskongress” – a congress for overly sensitive people.

With this congress, that we solely created with the help of Ka and Katie’s program, we managed to gain an email list of 13.000 subscribers and a gross income of 60.000 EUR in less than 3 weeks, with only one congress!

And this is only the beginning.
Without the help of Ka and Katie and their easy to follow step-by-step system, nothing of this would have been possible… We are both completely inexperienced on the technical side!

Now, after the congress, we have the chance to work with so many excited people as coaches, to create a large fixed monthly income. We have people lining up for it already!

We can now happily say goodbye to the daily rat race! Thanks again so much for everything you have done for us!


Lena and Camilo

Ka, the "inspiration machine", ignited a fire in me

In December and at the beginning of January, we were hesitating whether to spend all our savings on the Business School or not. I was quite scared to make such a commitment as I was five months pregnant. Oscar, however, was getting more and more confident and just did it at the beginning of January. My destiny pushed me forward but that was the right step to do.

When the SundanceFamily launched their Do What You Love mindset programme for the first time just a few days later, I decided to add this programme to our Business School purchase. While Oscar really liked the concept of the Business School, I felt that the mindset programme would be the right thing to do before starting our business.

The mindset programme started mid-January and was supposed to last 4 weeks. After that, I wanted to start building our business by following the Business School programme, step by step. Throughout the programme, I took notes meticulously and noticed some changes.

After one week following the mindset programme, I realised the following:

- I had a more upright posture while walking and in general
- I saw things more clearly, not as blurry anymore (concerning the perception), everything seemed wider
- I felt my inner peace more often and for a longer time
- My life with my new beliefs and reality liberated me from the inside, let me breath
- The frequent expression of my feelings liberated me and ignited my fire
- The ability to talk about my fears (to allow myself to integrate them in our conversations) let me breath more easily (had less asthma afterwards)
- The contact to my family and friends was much more relaxed than before

Ka and Katie, thank you so much that you have changed your mind, followed your spark and now help so many people from heart to heart.


Linda Stegmann
Location independent

I’d like to thank all the people in this group for all the inspiration I’ve received from their contributions. I assure you that I’ll participate in the future, too.

At the moment I’m moving back and forth in between the three modules and working with the themes that inspire me most. Today I have chosen a block out of module 3, “This is how authentic and heart-based marketing works” and wrote down what Ka said. With hindsight, this video gives away so much more than I initially perceived when I first watched it.

Thanks so much for this!

Alexander Nieß
Unterwössen, Germany

Guys, this has to stop :-) I’m only living for “TuWasDuLiebst” (Do What You Love / Business School) around the clock. I retreated to the program to focus more intensely on my business.

First of all, I have changed my attitude towards my laptop. Instead of being angry with my broken Mac every day, I’m happy with my old and small notebook that served me loyally for years.

And here comes the best: Since I have changed my attitude, it all works out for me. I have found a great web designer from India who installed my website for 35 dollars within a couple of hours. Yesterday I sent an order for a logo at midnight and already this morning at six o’clock I saw an answer on my iPad. Still in my pajamas, I check my inbox and wow wow wow, there are three different logos for 5 dollars and I like all of them, so exactly what I was looking for I got goose bumps.

I’m not revealing anything yet but I think by the weekend I can show it all. I can’t wait. I want to encourage all those who aren’t ready yet either. Sometimes it’s just a block of sorts, as in my case and when it’s solved, everything simply falls into place.

Thank you so much, dear Ka, for all your valuable advice in your school and to you all for being such a great group. I can’t wait to meet you all in Berlin.


Birgit Riedel
Eckernförde, Germany

If anyone who is reading this has any doubts as to Ka’s ability as a coach, I urge you to stop questioning and doubting and just trust.

Ka has so much knowledge and more importantly he walks the talk. He and his family are living proof to the power of living a life with purpose and passion.

I would recommend Ka’s services to anyone who wants to live a better life. It isn’t an easy decision to take and even a harder one to do alone.

Ka’s warm and genuine personality makes him the guy you want in your corner for such a journey.

Love and light.

Eran and Yaeli

Dear Sundancers and Dear Ka,

I have been a member for a year now and would like to share my achievements so far and my enthusiasm with you.

Due to a lack of time I made slow progress, nevertheless I have achieved a lot. I have created a blog page with articles and two new videos in which I give advice on how to lead a happier and healthier life. I have added a nicely designed and useful gift to go along with my newsletter and people take it gladly. My workshop, “The Keys to Freedom” is now an implemented source of income. The first participants have joined. My Facebook page “InformierDichGesung” (InformYourselfToHealth) is full of beautiful contributions and has 100 likes. I am bubbling over with further articles and also eBooks. My coaching offer will be added soon too.

A million thanks to Ka and the group for all the inspiration and help!


Folkhild Hoops
Celle, Germany

Ka Sundance is such an awesome coach! He made me feel as if I was talking to a close friend, but at the same time I was able to tell that he takes his work seriously, and is genuinely trying to help and inspire you to get better and grow. He works with things from their roots, and knows what he’s doing and dealing with.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, one that I recommend to anybody. Ka is so filled with knowledge, positive energy, and an incredibly dazzling light.

I seriously wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

Gabriela Rossal

I have no idea how Ka does it, but it’s amazing how he can make you feel from so far away. It feels like he’s right beside you, helping you. Helping you understand yourself, helping you understand the world. The way he coaches is how it should be done: Asking the right kinds of questions, listening when needed… and not just saying what you want to hear.

He gives you room and time to think and interpret yourself, he pushes you in the right direction. I feel like he understands the human race and cares about them. He’s a beautiful person, inside and out. He’s an incredible human being.

I’ll remember our meetings for the rest of my life, especially when I need a “pick-me-up.”

Katrien De Lange

Ka was able to take one look at my website and tell me exactly WHAT to do next and HOW to do it. He was then able to help me identify the heart and soul of my blocks and challenges. His ability to see me for who I really am, is a truly powerful and transformative gift.

His work confirms what I know is true in my heart, thereby giving me the confidence to move forward with the information he so generously shares! Ka gets to the core of the matter! Just one session with Ka can change your life and business.

I highly recommend Ka for any of his services, as he is a true and dedicated lightworker from the heart!

Leila Sun
Colorado, USA

I have struggled with health issues, huge blocks and self-sabotaging behavior my whole life, and even after learning about health and healing for more than 25 years, seeing so many doctors, counselors and healers, I felt like nobody could help me. Up until today…

Just one session with Ka Sundance helped me to solve the biggest problem of my life. I feel so empowered, strong and filled with excitement as I now know that I can make it all happen. The block is gone. I can create my life the way I want and even more importantly I can share the gift I denied in myself for so long with people who need it, so I can do my part to make this world a better place.

I am so grateful for the session with Ka Sundance and the huge step I allowed myself to take today.

Manuela Knoll
Colorado, USA

I met Ka through my association with raw food. His warmth and light were so strong and I felt very connected with his energy. I knew he was someone I wanted to work with. I also knew that I needed something drastic to happen in my life to blast me out of the funk I was going through.

Ka met me where I was at and supported me in every way. In a sense you could say that he was my angel, holding my hand and lighting my way. It was just exactly what I needed and I can say now that I’m over all of that: I have a strong feeling of appreciation and gratitude from my heart for the role Ka played. My life will never be the same. I am a whole new person. And the nice thing about it all, is that I know he’s still there if I need him again. He’s a constant reminder to me.

If I start to slip back into a place I don’t want to be, I think of Ka and the example he sets and I remember that everything is really all very good. Very very good.

Megan Paterson

Your book was so helpful to me and my family and it still is. We are really new with raw food and your book gives us all the facts we need to know to start well.

Most important… It takes away all the guilt about not turning 100% raw immediately. It also took away all my fears about the lack of nutrients my children could suffer with raw food. It’s impossible to think of any of that when we see your beautiful and healthy children!

Thanks for your good work, your are an inspiration!

Melanie L
Quebec, Canada

In my profession as healer I have thought for a long time that the efficiency of my treatments would lead to my living in reasonable wealth. My plan worked out relatively well until our first child was born. All the sudden I needed to provide for three people. This pressure threatened to block the efficiency of my work.

When I was reflecting on my beliefs of fulfillment and wealth, I came across Ka Sundance and his Business School. Internet marketing ideas inspired me and I created my webpage.

Nowadays I’m receiving new client inquiries every day and it’s my choice when and how much I would like to work. We have now reached the fullness of life and still have the impression that this is by no means the end of our story.

Dear Ka - our most heartfelt thanks to you. I can completely confirm: If a business idea is made with the heart, it will be a success!

On your way to it, there are some rules to follow, but Ka Sundance is mastering them all. With him you begin to think further and get a better understanding of the global picture, and eventually you will embody both, fully.

Shiatsu Practitioner GSD - www.shiatsudresden.de

Michael Born
Dresden, Germany

Mate, you have really struck a chord with me.

Since I registered for your school I no longer have any quiet time (smile). I’m breaking away from old structures little by little and now I’m at the point where I will transform all that’s in me into something big. And I know that it will be a success. I can say that for sure as I feel myself more clearly and all those little voices die away.

Thanks to you and your dedication to all of us… I can’t say “Thank You” enough for all the things you’ve influenced in my life in such a positive way… Thanks, Ka!


Michael Botta
Dießen, Germany

Ka Sundance is an awesome business coach.

Not only did he and his team create an amazing website and social networking integration for us, which I always wanted, but there’s so much more! Together with us at Costa Rica Dive & Surf, he created a full marketing strategy for our business that enables us to target and reach our customers so much better than ever before.

Within the first week of going ‘live’ with the newly designed website (provided to us by Ka’s team), we increased our traffic by 4 times, and had more responses and business than in all the 2 YEARS before!!!

The success is lined up for us, because we have this amazing coach working with us. If you want to grow your business, reach more clients and make more money, Ka Sundance is the man!


Michael Shellard
Dominical, Costa Rica

In search of more balance in specific areas of my life, I sought out the coaching expertise of Ka Sundance, who lovingly guided me through an inspirational coaching session. When our chat concluded, I already felt more balanced…and to think I hadn’t even yet begun implementing the powerful tools Ka Sundance suggested I use, to bring me closer to the results I was seeking!

I believe Ka Sundance’s genuine love and compassion for humanity, varied life experiences, and deep desire to help each person live according to “balanced” health are key qualities that aid his coaching brilliance. It’s hard to imagine anyone not being positively affected by a coaching session with him.

Penny Powell

My dear Ka Sundance,

I have to get this off my chest: I am SO grateful for all of the butt-kicks I received from you within the course of The SundanceFamily Business School to start my own blog.

Although I have only published three articles so far, I am already getting so much feedback. The most distant e-mail came from Bolivia. There are also new subscribers coming in daily without me doing anything exceptional.

I worked like a dog throughout the summer and several times I came to the point where I thought, “Let’s forget about it.” I was really out of it when something didn’t work out, or I had the impression of not making any progress at all and at the same time there was always so much going on.

Well okay, every day one little baby step… and now: the last days have compensated for everything that I had to go through and more! Thank you for all the efforts you put into this and for your inspiration. Amazing! I already have more ideas for articles… and I’m looking forward to those.

Ka, THANKS again! From all my heart.

Music Intuition Coach - www.peterkahlenborn.de

Peter Kahlenborn
Cologne, Germany

For years it has been my biggest concern to pass on background knowledge about health and nutrition. Usually I reached several hundred people with my message at best but that changed phenomenally fast.

When I got the chance to participate in the mastermind group of Ka Sundance in autumn 2014, I snatched the offer up. Shortly after, I focused on my first online conference with the title “www.vitaldurchdetox-kongress2015.com” (Vital Through Detox 2015).

It was a huge challenge for me, especially the technical side, but thanks to Ka’s great support I managed the difficult feat within a fairly short time. The conference was very successful for me, we had more than 5,000 participants and a total five-digit revenue.

I’m very happy that I made it and can only encourage you: If you’d like to share your knowledge and that of many experts with as many people as possible, then do it - NOW. There’s no better time, the world out there is waiting for YOU and YOUR message. Tackle it, if not now, when will you do it?

Thank you Ka for this unique and wonderful opportunity!

Rita Maria Strondl
Mondsee, Germany

Since we’ve joined, so much has changed for the good. This is such a rewarding investment and has paid off repeatedly.

Our business has increased six-fold and we have 40 times more participants. We were able to optimize our workflow and everything connected with technology is easy to handle now thanks to all the wonderful tips and programs recommended by Ka. We feel connected to a network of bright and sensible people who want to make money with their heart.

What’s most important: Ka, you always motivate us to present our abilities to the world, even when they aren’t perfect yet. And you’re right, this attracts exactly the right people who really appreciate my character and my work.


Rosa Grafe and Michael Born
Dresden, Germany

Ka has been an amazing resource for me in my own personal development and with running my business here in Costa Rica. He seems to always have the perfect advice for me, in whatever situation I’m going through in my life and with my work. He always inspires me to do the things I need to do in order to shine with my gifts and succeed even more.

He has helped me create a plan to get my message out to the world, and now it’s up to me to follow through and make it happen. He’s good at lighting the fire within me, helping me transform and take action in ways that will help me take my business to the next level.

I highly recommend his services to anybody who wants to grow their heart based business, while earning more money and changing the world!


Sofiah Thom
Dominical, Costa Rica

By working with Ka, I learned more than I could ever have expected! Ka’s program and coaching not only helped me clearly define what my true passion was by using visualization exercises and answering questions, it also helped me find my “niche”.

Furthermore, thanks to this program, I learned how to easily create a website and how to promote it. The information contained in Ka’s program is invaluable! With Ka’s business coaching sessions and motivation, I was able to get started on my journey.

I truly recommend working with Ka to everyone who is serious about creating the business of their dreams. With the help of this incredible program and the greatest coach ever, you’re bound to succeed.

Stephanie Shanti
Montreux, Switzerland

Katie and Ka … you have catapulted me towards understanding, embracing and learning about living toward optimal health. I have regained health and wellbeing and am able to confidently embrace a more raw lifestyle.

Your recipes are easy and delicious. I’m de-aging with good food. Hippocrates got it right when he said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” It’s a shame mankind got it wrong from there … I’m taking my right to good health back into my control… with your help.

Cheers and Thank You for the inspiration and information.

Tammy Fankhanel

I have a toddler and that’s why an online business is the best way for me to support my family AND live my passion at the same time.

I started from scratch and thanks to Ka’s Business School I have created my multilingual website, Facebook page and YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers within the shortest time imaginable for me.

I have founded a vegan school for mothers and their children in Tokyo and generated income with it. I thank you with all my heart for this wonderful school and your support, Ka!


Tonya Ogino
Tokyo, Japan

Dear Ka,

I came to a turning point when I landed a highly skilled job working on an award winning TV show for an international broadcaster – and then my delight turned to anger when I heard what they were offering to pay me. I saw next to nothing of my loved ones, was working in a job I hated and being paid a pittance for my hard won skills.

Time for a change! I’d already started my online business, inspired by your example, so my little spare time and weekends were spent creating Fifty Dollar Film School, and just a couple of weeks ago I completed the creation of the info product, the website, the capture pages, the financial and legal arrangements, etc. Just as well – the company fired me for objecting to their bullying and then a few weeks later laid everyone else off as well!

I’ve already started building my list and we have people joining from all over the world. We’ve started making sales which is great. I’ve had two companies express interest in buying the content already and the feedback on the course content has been universally positive!

Thanks so much for the clear teaching and practical, step-by-step course outline which made The SundanceFamily Business School such a worthwhile investment. Thanks also for being straight with us about the work and commitment involved too!

You manage to guide, inspire and encourage at the same time. You and your beautiful family are a wonderful inspiration! You even managed to get me to use Facebook! Miracles CAN happen!

Allan Gildea
Dublin, Ireland

After some failed tries to build up my own business, Ka Sundance and his inspirational SundanceFamily Business School were a real stroke of luck. Within a few months I built a successful blog, Facebook fan page and YouTube channel with a remarkable coverage from scratch - and everything is growing daily.

With Ka’s help I created, for instance, a list with 2,500 subscribers in such a short time, without even spending a cent for advertising. I have largely multiplied the investment in Ka’s course by selling the products I created with him. And it is all growing constantly.

I look forward to financial freedom while helping and supporting others in a meaningful way.


Andreas Paffrath
Cologne, Germany

When we started with Ka and his Business School a couple of months ago, we had nothing. No website, no Facebook, no YouTube and no business. Nada.

Thanks to Ka’s help, we were able to create a successful blog, a Facebook fan page with thousands of fans and an online business within the last couple of months.

All this helps us in doing good, helping tens of thousands of people and in the meanwhile, we have gained a five-digit amount of money. And by the way, all that happened without spending one cent on advertising or anything similar.

Thanks a lot, Ka! Without your help this wouldn’t have been possible.


Judith and Norman Grüner
Zurich, Switzerland