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I am really thankful to Ka for his time of raw coaching.

It helped me isolate my blocks to success, and together we worked through strategies for growth and development. I found this time a truly life changing and life enhancing event.

I KNOW that I will look back to that meeting and say to myself 'that was the turning point'.

Ka was very supportive and encouraging of my plans to do stuff in the raw food world, around tv shows in different languages and plans to use my horticultural training.

Helen W.
London, UK

My wife and I want to thank you for the beautiful e-mails you send to us about the beauty of living foods and the magical wonders of spending time outdoors in Nature. I personally want to let you know how grateful we are, and I'm sure many others feel this way. You are a good teacher with a lot of love in your heart, and I know you were meant to be here on Earth to teach this.

Jay and Linda Kordich sold almost a billion dollars worth of his famous Juiceman Juicer. Jay is 86 years young and lives together with his wife and 2 sons in the USA.

Jay and Linda Kordich

Thank you so much for the many inspiring videos and tips. The founding of the OKS Facebook group and the exchange inside the group has been incredibly helpful and encouraging. Thanks to this group I made many new contacts who have turned into real friendships. I am now in regular contact with a lot of the group members, I have coached some of them and I am so happy with the positive feedback! What a great initiative - thanks so much for this positive, helpful environment that you have created inside the OKS and the Do What You Love group.

Jérôme Wend
Munich, Germany

I just want to thank you for your personal business coaching.The call gave me lots of inspiration and most of all a very good plan in "what to do now". Now I've got so much more a clear view in what to do and most of all how to reach my goal.

Now I can see my successful way very clear and colourful. I just don't feel so helpless anymore. Biggest thanks for you help.

Nadine F.
Filderstadt, Germany

Ka's program is a comprehensive and practical step by step guide into starting your own internet business. Basic information is given on all relevant subjects with handy links to useful websites. A very, very good tool which I will certainly use to start my own business.

Sandra Keen

Ka manages to over and over again find that inner core… he touches that inner core of myself - who I truly am - to bring out my special gifts and help me with the realization of how to manifest them. He asks the right questions and I can attest that what he does comes straight from the heart!

Alex Greve
Zurich, Switzerland

Ka is an incredible human being, with a strong will to help others and also humanity as a whole. As a coach he’s quite gifted indeed, particularly at getting you to delve deep into your mind and soul to ask yourself, “What is it you REALLY want to do with your life, how can you get there fast and what’s holding you back?”

Anna Rodgers
London, UK

I’ve had the idea to start an online business for quite some time, but just didn’t know where to start. A brief attempt some time ago was leading me nowhere, as I didn’t know HOW and where I wanted to go. Ka and Katie’s program has helped me so much to get a clear picture of what I really want. Finally I was able to start a website, to use YouTube and Facebook properly and to gain subscribers. A big thanks for everything :)

Iris Macedo
Mexico City

After speaking with Ka, I decided I would see what he’s got to offer as a coach and see if HE would be the one to help me take things up a notch for myself. As much as I love my life and am thrilled by what I do, it’s great to have someone who’s willing to help you raise the bar a bit. Talking with Ka was like tapping into an electrical socket of inspiration. I told him during the call what an inspiration he was and he had the best response ever!

Tera Warner

If you're looking for ideas on how to expand your business and make more money, Ka definitely has good advice to offer. With Ka’s advice, making the next move for your business is easy! He gave us a good direction and plan. Thanks Ka for making the consultation very efficient by being radically honest and telling us what we needed to hear!

Timothy, Nathanael & Daniel Eisenmann
Georgia, USA

How nice! Thank you for your passionate words! During the last weeks, I came so close to you and the people in the Business School. This is an incomparable experience. When there are so many people who live for their purpose and fight for beautiful Mother Earth, then powerful energy arises… Gaya power. Thank you, dear Ka, for helping us to “give birth” to our ideas and making all this possible.

Christina Malina
Berlin, Germany

This session was absolutely the best ever, as they’re always even better than the last ones. It really feels good to me that we got deeper into this part of my life. They’re wonderfully diverse coaching sessions. Who could have thought I’d get so much out of this, so much more than I imagined. The amount I paid is nothing compared to this! Thank you so much, Ka!

Sabine Calis
Amsterdam, Holland

I signed up to Ka’s programme and was very surprised by how thorough the information provided was. I was able to get started with my business very quickly and had feedback and support from Ka consistently. It’s easy to follow and is well worth the price paid. Ka is a great coach who’s very inspiring with lots of positive energy. Always there to help and support you. I definitely recommend him!

Lisa Tayler

Dear Ka and Katie, Hello everyone! We’ve listened to and read the 3rd module today and we wanted to share our goose bump feeling and “a big thank you to Ka and Katie”. Already now, after two weeks, Karen and I are incredibly grateful for the opportunity that Ka and Katie have offered us.

Karen and Alberto
Heroldsberg, Germany

Dear Ka, Particularly from your last words I got goose bumps. Thank you so much for this wonderful video. Since I’ve joined the Business School, my life has changed dramatically. I would never have believed that I would get to know so many marvelous people who think in the same way as me. I’m eternally grateful to you.

Karen Decker
Bedburg, Germany

Blessings and thanks to Ka for helping me to sharpen my Focus and Grow in my ability so I’m better able to reach out with my Passions, thereby helping to fulfil my Purpose of growing in loving service. I can highly recommend Ka Sundance’s service to anyone who has a heart based business and is serious about making an impact in the world.

Chris Kendall
Saskatoon, Canada

You Rock Ka. Thank you so much for all you do. 20 days down and I’ve never felt so alive. I look forward to my journey embracing life through raw live foods. The word is spreading. People are ready for the truth in eating for life. You both are my inspiration. Thank you Ka also for your e-zine, so inspirational and informative.


Larry Murphy Burbank
California, USA

Ka’s service is put together with amazingly cutting-edge material, which really allows you to start an Internet business fast. What’s special about Ka’s business service isn’t only his status as an expert or his generosity with insider knowledge, it’s especially his authenticity and love with everything he does. I wholeheartedly recommend Ka Sundance’s business service and wish Ka and his family all the best and lots of success!

Perth, Australia

Big THANK YOU Ka!!! You left me so inspired and confident in just that short time! I’m still amazed by the inspiration you gave me. Right away you believed in my passion and purpose on this Earth and this gives me enough strength to believe I can live my passion fully as my truth and as my main source of income.

Lise-Lotte Acquah