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Why Soft Drinks Are Bad For You


The popularity of soft drinks increases year after year, due in part to their sweet taste, and in part to the aggressive and pervasive advertising campaigns run by soda companies.  What they don’t tell you, however, is why soft drinks are bad for you. Recent statistics indicate that soft drinks are now the single largest source of calories in the typical American diet, accounting for up to 7% of all calorie intake.

Why soft drinks are bad for youAmongst teenagers, the number is even higher – soft drinks account for nearly 13% of their total calories. Despite a very recent decrease in soft drink consumption in 2004, the amount of soda consumed by the average American every year is staggering – over 50 gallons per person. This article will help you understand as to why soft drinks are bad for you.

Soft drinks contain high amounts of sugar and acids, which are added to give sodas their characteristic good taste. Unfortunately, both these components pose significant risks to dental and oral health. As any child knows, sugar is a key culprit in the development of cavities because it provides attractive food to bacteria.

Sugar-related cavities are only part of why soft drinks are bad for you. Because of their liquid nature, gulping down soft drinks is equivalent to bathing teeth in a solution of acids and sugar. Over time, even the relatively mild acids in soft drinks can eat away and weaken tooth enamel, making teeth more susceptible to decay and damage. Many dentists have attempted to warn the public about this issue, to very little effect.

Another effect of all the acids in sodas is the fact that the body becomes very acidic.  This sets up the right conditions for chronic disease – disease cannot exist in an alkaline body.  It is said that in order to neutralise one can of soda we need to drink at least 12 green juices.  That’s a lot of juice!  This acidic state is also what leads to weakened teeth, as the body is always striving for balance, therefore in order to become more alkaline the body draws calcium from the teeth and this weakens them and leads to cavities and damage.

Another indirect effect of soda consumption is the reduced consumption of other, healthier drinks. For example, in the late 1970s, both boys and girls consumed much more milk than soda – over 50% more milk for girls, and double that for boys. By the late 1990s, in contrast, both sexes consumed twice as much soda as milk. The reduced consumption of milk has led to a deficiency in the intake of important vitamins and minerals.

There are more reasons why soft drinks are bad for you. The soft drinks manufactured by PepsiCo, Coca Cola etc contain two toxic substances which damage our body. Although the process is very slow, damage is damage.

The soft drinks contain Artificial Sweeteners and Brominated Vegetable Oils (BOV) both of which are poisonous drugs and affects our immune system.  BOV’s are banned as a food additive in India and several other countries. Canada disagrees and permits its use. If the percentage of BOV’s increases in our body it can cause memory loss, coloration and pigmentation of the skin, tremors, headaches, loss of muscle coordination etc. BOVs are a strict no- no as bromides can also be fatal.

Rather than drinking soft drinks, you should replace them with coconut water which is the healthiest and the tastiest drink. Another healthy option is water with lemon.  If you want to drink anything sweet add natural sweeteners like honey but stay away from soft drinks. Get healthy and stay away from soft drinks because health is wealth!



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  1. I think anyone with half a brain should realize how bad soft drinks are for them, Anyone who doesn’t is blinded by the industry totally. When your body is thirsty, it want ‘water’ and nothing else, Your body knows of nothing else but water, but people choose to use other means to hydrate it, We can use the water from fresh fruits and vegetable, but that should only be during time of nutritional intake, not at all times.

  2. We do not live anywhere, we TRAVEL together with our 4 kids! The longest we lived in one place was Costa Rica from 2010-12. Right now we are in Thailand, but we keep on traveling to Bali in some weeks.

  3. thats why when you go on a diet and stop drinking soda, you lose almost 5 pounds instantly cause all that sugar is drained from your body. 2 Years ago, I decided to be more cautious about my eating habits, i use to always eat mcdonalds,wendys,etc and soda every day and i couldn’t run 1/4 of a mile without nearly passing out.I started drinking water,and I noticed my breathe smelled better, i started feeling better and i lost a lot of belly fat almost instantly,all that sugar was so bad in my body

  4. It has nothing to do with sugar being “drained” You lose weight because you’re not eating crap, like you pointed out you did. Water has nothing to do with it. You could have drank diet drinks with the same outcome, assuming you stopped eating all the crap you said you ate

  5. I haven’t had any soft drink for many many years. Every time I see someone drinking them, especially if it is a child, I feel so sorry for him/her. How cute is the dog in the background!!!

  6. Hi Ka Sundance, I want to thank you – I love your videos and you helped me decide to switch to a raw food diet overnight. I’m now on my way to losing 140lbs and fulfilling my journey to trek to Everest Base Camp :o) There’s a documentary I’d like to recommend about Aspartame, MSG and flavourings. YouTube won’t let me put the link, so copy and paste: ‘Dr. Russell Blaylock – MSG, Aspartame, Flavor Enhancers – Talk, Lecture, Documentary – (Health Food)’ Extremely scary and well worth watching. x

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Come and join the tribe of 50.000 people who are free & alive. Get free weekly tips to start your journey!